Online foot fetish

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Yes, you read that right you can make money selling feet pictures. There is a massive market out there for those who might have good looking feet and are looking to make some extra money. If you put in the work well this can be quite lucrative. This article will delve into why people like to buy feet pics, how you can get paid online to take pictures of your feet. Also, some tips to get feet like a model. So, before we get any further, not all people who may want pictures of feet have a sexual fetish. Some just like the look of good-looking feet presented in a way that appeals to them.

And in some cases, you may have caught the eye a talent scout who may be on the lookout for new foot models to advertise the latest shoes, sandals etc. They are looking to spend money on pictures of feet because they love looking at feet and have online foot fetish that may need to be met. There are millions of people that love feet and are willing to pay for pictures of healthy and attractive looking feet or whatever tastes they have. They want pictures of feet that are tailored to their taste. Millions of men and women they exist too that enjoy looking at feet.

Online foot fetish

Many of them will not admit it but they are attracted to feet. An attraction to feet is more common than most people would think. Even Hollywood likes feet, OK they like everything in Hollywood. Some of your favorite movies have foot scenes. Through out the movie Boomerang the main character is obsessed with finding a woman with perfect feet. If your county has strict dress code laws for women then it is very likely that it maybe illegal. Remember, that you need to be of legal consensual age usually 18 to sell your photos. If you are a younger teen then I have written a killer article on many different ways online foot fetish can make money with these side hustles.

A foot fetish can be a sexual desire or an interest in feet. This can be known as paraphilia or an attraction to a body part. People that have an extreme interest or sexual interest in feet may want to touch or kiss the feet of another. They may also like to have their feet touched or kissed. Looking at images of nice feet and these feet in different types of footwear may turn them on.

They may enjoy this as part of their foot fetish. People may have very specific likes when it comes to feet. There may be a certain type of foot that they enjoy looking at. There may be a certain type of shoe that they really like. Others may like to look at bare feet or feet that are in sandals. Some people like their feet or the toes that they are looking at to have a specific length or be a specific shape. The arch of the foot can arouse some people. There are many people with a foot fetish that like large feet.

There is a market for manly looking feet. There is something for everyone when they have a foot fetish. Take time to learn the terminology of your clients it will make targeting the right clients easier if you know the language. Now we have an idea of your potential client, you have a big audience of people looking for pictures that you could sell them and build a great revenue source. With quite a few million people willing to spend good money on pictures it makes perfect sense to get a piece of the pie from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to take your pictures.

There is no pressure for you to sell your photos if you are not comfortable with it. Selling pictures of your feet is a personal choice. You should sell the pictures because you are comfortable doing so and it is online foot fetish that you want to do. The amount you will get for the pictures is based on the amount that your clients are willing to pay for them. And this can be negotiated by you. Some people can make several hundreds of dollars a week selling pictures of their feet. Now, you might not be able make that kind of money from the start but with a little work you could earn a few hundred every month.

Then you can grow it from there once you gain confidence in your new venture. Before we jump into the where you can find your audience we need to make sure you know how you will be paid. If you some platforms they will handle all your payments and send you the cash minus their cut.

Never give someone your bank details. The above methods will shield you. You need to take care of your feet and you need to present your feet in the best way possible. Your need toes look good and they need to be well kept and manicured. This will allow your entire foot to look better and you will have an easier time selling your pictures.

You might want to think of locations where you want to take online foot fetish photos.

Online foot fetish

Will you take them on the sofa, in the bath, in the park, hanging out a car window? The list will be endless, have fun coming up with photo ideas. If you can afford it, you should to have your feet photographed by a professional photographer. This will allow you to sell professional pictures of your feet at a higher price due to the quality of the photo.

The internet is one of the best places you can sell photos of your feet. If you look hard enough you will find so many different avenues.

Online foot fetish

As I like to make money online and from the comfort of my own home, I would look at the below sources. There is a good foot pic audience on Twitter. This platform gives you a lot of freedom to post what you want. Make sure you have a website link to where you hold your pictures.

This could be any of the other platform we discuss later. Not many online foot fetish do this but you want to stand out. But, they have slowly started to make it harder for people to make money selling feet pics so openly. But rest assured you can still make alot of money from instagram but just be aware Instagram may ban your from time to time. To avoid this you may need to add different online foot fetish around things you might like or are interested in.

The world is your oyster. There are many foot models on Instagram selling feet pics and you will find all different types of feet being displayed. Hastags like feet toes soles footfetishnation feetworship feetfetishnation prettytoes toesdone solesfetish solesociety softsoles feetporn prettyfeet instafeet cutefeet beautifulfeet barefeet toes sole pedicure socks toefetish highheels footmodel footporn footgoddess thepose teamprettyfeet socks sockfetish.

Mix it up so you can be seen. Use a mix of small and large post hashtags that are being are actively being posted to. Use between 11 and 30 hashtags per post. Here is how I would do it in this video. I had a look at a few s on Instagram and discuss how you could make even more money. This is still a new platform but, it is only based around the love of feet so you have a keen audience.

Instafeet will handle the payments then pay you. Make sure that your bio describes what a subscriber is going to get in their subscription. Do not be vague. KiK is an anonymous instant messenger chat app that allows you sent multimedia and do live calls to name a few. Find groups relating to feet and promote your pictures and videos for sale via searching for hashtags. Your best method here is to as many groups as possible and recruit as many clients as possible in these foot fetish tailored groups. The mailing list will make you so much money if used correctly. You can dip into that well over and over.

The trick here is to have traffic coming from all your other site activities coming back to your own site. You could utilise the power of youtube, google, social media and send them back to 1 point, your website. You could create a membership site where your clients pay you every month to see your latest exclusive photos or videos.

People do sell pics of their feet on Craigslist. This classified site has so much traffic that if you nail the ad you will get online foot fetish from all over the world. This method takes time but is free. If you are short on time then pay someone on Fiverr to do this for you.

There are photo websites that will give you a platform to sell pictures of your feet. They are legal and people will pay good money for these pictures. Some will pay you to pictures if they like the content. Others will pay you when the pictures are downloaded.

You might have used some of these sites before to find pictures for other reasons. Here are some popular websites that you can your pictures:. All the photos in this article have been bought from Adobestock. You do not want to see my manly feet. That is the million dollar question. You and your client negotiate a price. I want you to be able to make money in a safe space and being online helps but it does have pitfalls.

I would suggest that you keep your business and personal social media separate. You can make money from the things you already do. If you have attractive feet and people always think your feet look good you may want to think about selling pictures of them. You can make a career as a foot model. Size does play a role in foot pictures. You never see big footed shoe pictures. The average woman has a foot size that ranges between a 5 and a 7.

Online foot fetish

The average size for men is between an 8 and an The exact measures of the foot will vary based on the likes of the clients and the type of shoes that a company is looking to sell. Be sure to check the specific size requirements before applying for a foot modeling job. Some jobs want average sized feet while some may be looking for larger or even wide feet.

Feet fitness is important when modeling the feet. People like to look at slender and shapely feet.

Online foot fetish

There are ankle exercises that should be done. If you do get a blister visit a doctor or wait for it to heal before taking a picture. The foot must be clean and in good health. It is important to show emotion using the feet. There are pictures that will use the feet to show a certain emotion.

Your feet should not express pain or nervousness. Practice the feet position when you are feeling several different emotions. Think about the products you are selling and how they would want your feet to look at.

Online foot fetish

Do this several times before you are going to take a picture. You need to learn how to express several different emotions through your feet. After a pedicure or once the feet are well rested then you want to take a picture of the feet. Think about the poses that are featured in popular magazines and practice that pose.

Online foot fetish

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