Furry dating network

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Furry dating network

Who's Online? Feabs : editted their Profile. Feabs : just ed FurrTrax via Mobile. Welcome to FurrTrax? We are not a pay site, and we do not require subscriptions or any of that stuff. Now! Enter Live Chatroom as Guest! As I have noticed a minor uptick lately I wanted to throw a few reminders out to people on how best to file reports so as to assist the Moderation and Administration teams in replying to your reports.

First and foremost use the report feature on the site. While I am sure my fellow moderators will gladly agree I will not speak for them but I am always happy and will try to respond to direct messages if able. These messages, however, are only visible to me and so can not ensure that I am looking to see the message come in. You are far better off filing a report where any member of the team can see your report. When submitting your report please include the following: - Name of person - Yes this does seem redundant but it makes for a quicker and easier response when reading - A brief description of the grievance - A screen shot is always useful if you can provide one gyazo has a free service if you furry dating network one.

Spotlight: 20, Came and went it seems Posted by: DarkXander at PM. Didn't even realize we crossed 20, members, and people have been saying roughly since I founded the site that we would fail in a matter of months. Looks like broken clocks are not always correct at least twice a day.

We do not normally go to this extreme, but you pushed us. MrFox, Jason Derek Shelton, Jonathan, whichever is the real name, your numerous sexual harrassment issues are over.

Furry dating network

Temporarily taking control over Furrtrax. Posted by: Kovu at PM. Hello all members of Furrtrax. DarkXander will be stepping away from the website temporarily. So until he comes back I, Kovu, will be watching over the website with the help of our fellow staff members. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to direct them to me or other staff members. Spotlight: The world has ended for me, for the site, i just dont know. Please take a minute to help our sponsor celebrate the release of the final book of his erotic series The Student by clicking on the banner and checking out his books.

From the FurrTrax team.

Furry dating network

Spotlight: Happy Independence Day Everyone! Today is the day that the fires of freedom burn brightest in the hearts of American Patriots, Whatever you do today, be sure to take pride in it, and remember how lucky we are to be given the freedom we enjoy so much, and how we got it! More stupidity from H Wolf, and false allegations.

Furry dating network

Some of you may have seen some of the somewhat misguided posts by a user known as Wolf, or H Wolf, etc. He alleged that Pounced is under some kind of investigation for child related offenses, and then alleged that their owner or another staff member was also a moderator on this site, in an attempt to frighten users of this site, as retribution for posting all his harrassing E-Mails towards us publicly.

None of the staff of Pounced are, or have ever been involved in admin functions or moderation of furrtrax. Whether they are actually under some mysterious investigation or not is not known to us, and is likely also hot air from him. In yet another E-Mail to me, he seems to insinuate or lightly threaten that the FBI will be reaching out to me, well, I work with them periodically, they have myand i have theirs, just talked to them 2 weeks ago. I have even worked with law enforcement several times when incidents of sexual harassment had occurred on the site and provided pertinent information as was necessary.

Our track record is furry dating network. Wolf wrote: I see you aren't an adult. So, since you are butlet's go outside and I'll just put you in your place that way. Are you man enough? Just going to hide behind your keyboard eh? Wolf internet tough guy, So on tuesday after the holiday im going to reach out to my own FBI contact, and put all his s, and the details of this exchange on record, so if he continues to place threats, and harass us, the joke will eventually be on him. Spotlight: Continued slurs and veiled threats against us! Posted by: DarkXander at AM.

E-Mail was too long to effectively screenshot so im pasting it. The top section is my reply to him. Saying that we are America First is a slur, Whether you dis-agree or not with that, i dont care. We have members from all around the world, every continent, and they all get along peacefully here other than the occasional spat between peeps. You had the chance to reply courteously and professionally and chose not to, thus you lost my respect.

Shock E-Mails don't work on us. You are a resident of La Paz, Mexico, I knew that when i first observed your. So feel free to threaten to start a competing site, many have and we are still here, and as we do not sell anything, any competition you might someday provide is meaningless to us. We helped expose their use of fake bot s to trick people into paying for s as well. As to your disclosure segment, threatening to start your own site essentially, go ahead, do it, wont affect us in the slightest. As for expecting an apology from me, after all you have said, you will be waiting for quite some time, because i have nothing to apologize for.

Wolf wrote: Xander, I assume I can speak to you as an adult. Please correct me if I am wrong and I will address the matter in a more appropriate manner conducive to your understanding, as you obviously have made gross assumptions which are surprising to me in their lack of support from the conversation. First, I don't have a clue what you mean by slurs, other than possibly you made a rash assumption based on your own furry dating network experiences and perspective. I made no insult towards you and nothing was intended to be implied.

Your assumptions about the nature of my humorous comments about the site's accessibility were grossly misunderstood, likely as a result of your assuming that I am like other people around you. Sorry, but I am not an immature furry troll who goes around insulting people for personal pleasure or out of boredom. I am not privy to your perspective, nor do I share it. But as the owner and operator of a website, I made what should have been a reasonable assumption, that rather than making rash assumptions that your customers are all immature furry trolls, you would ask questions as any business professional would, rather than just assuming the worst whatever that worst is, and that is apparently that I'm just another immature furry troll.

Having seen your response and perusing the site further, I am met with a logical explanation furry dating network your assumptions: that you are in fact surrounded by nothing but immature furry trolls, relatively speaking. By the way, you do not use an apostrophe to pluralize anything except all-capitalized abbreviation, so it's not "Story's" it's "Stories" and it's also "ABC's" although the apostrophe isn't actually necessary as long as it is lower case according to common use So, I would request an apology from you for your assumptions.

I would also suggest you consider being a bit more curious and concerned when dealing with customers, because you never know what kind of influence your customers might have, and what kinds of platforms they have to wield that influence. I await your apology. My platforms await my efforts including screenshots! Kind regards, Wolf PS: A little disclosure if it helps: I am attempting to buy or furry dating network a furry personals' website because none of the sites I have seen thus far serve the needs of single furries. In that regard, thank you kindly for helping me understand why they don't serve the needs of single furries by further demonstrating that all those sites just appeal to Not sure what more to say here, I answered his and got instant hostility in return, his responses speak for themselves.

It should have been done long ago but I wanted to do tests on the array first, but now its all set. We are officially on our new Dell RXD server now. Spotlight: FurrTrax getting a new Server. For those who are into technology, cyber-security, networking, or other computer related fields, I thought i would drop a note, that i passed the CISSP recently.

One of the more challenging tests i've taken, only studied for an hour or so before hand. For those un-familiar with this, the acronym stands for: Certified Information Systems Security Professional, this makes my 29th certification. Sorry guys but sometimes barbeque happens. An issue was identified with the new higher security auth system that affected the mobile app only, it has been fixed, and appears to be working now. Today furrtrax was updated to use strictly SHA in authentication and password handling, and all use of the older SHA1 has been removed from the source code.

Please report any issues. Topic Name. By: Artemis at: AM. Meet and greet Started By: michaelwolf. By: michaelwolf at: PM. By: Siris at: PM. Heyooo 3 Started By: Eli Dreemurr. Shout: Guest : is playing. Little Tails : posted a Comment to Joker's Profile. Microsoft Bot : is playing Asteroids. Joker : editted their Profile. Joker : ed a New Avatar. Joker furry dating network just ed FurrTrax via Web.

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Furry dating network

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Furry dating network

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Furry dating network

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