Flr relationship levels

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In the ing of any two or more individuals a certain dance will begin. We find ourselves fitting into roles and providing functions that enable the relationship to flourish. Ideally, we find a partner that provides us with something we need while we in turn deliver something key for them too.

Now more than ever relationship dynamics are being called into question and as a result, we see people are more and more openly challenging the status quo. If we consider our Neolithic predecessors a male-led relationship was the norm in many cultures.

The man flr relationship levels hunt for food and provide shelter while the female maintained the home, raised the children and ensured nobody chopped their hand off with that nice new stone axe Daddy left lying around. FLRs differ in that the female is expected to do the hunting while the male will fulfill the other role.

In modern times this means the female of the relationship is the breadwinner and will make many if not most of the decisions.

Flr relationship levels

I am of course talking in extremes here. They provide financial security and key resources such as food, shelter and safety. The male-led relationship is considered more common in the history of relationships and proved a popular formula for many years. Often relationships may exist across more than one of these levels at any one time.

The female has some say in the decision-making process faced by the couple. They also may take more control in the bedroom which can prove exciting and new for many couples. The female enjoys being the leader of the relationship from time to time and has a good sense flr relationship levels ruling her man.

She gets a good boost of confidence and overall morale in the relationship. The man also enjoys the assertive attitude of his woman. At this level, the woman usually takes control over many day-to-day decisions in the relationship and proves the more dominant of the two in the bedroom as well.

Flr relationship levels

The woman at this stage usually sets her own guidelines and personal boundaries. Often at level 2 the male will take up more of the housework and begin to take care of household chores. She makes most decisions and takes on male roles as well.

The guy will not make any important decisions without consulting and having her approval.

Flr relationship levels

This encompasses the bedroom, living situation and location, career decisions, and how the man presents himself. As you can see in some cases, the FLR can be considered more of an equality-based dynamic that provides both sexes with the same amount of freedom and responsibilities. In its strongest form, the female-led relationship flips the MLR dynamic on its metaphorical head. The female is expected to provide the household income and endeavors to have a stable successful career to take care of her family.

The male is expected to provide a supportive role for the female and takes care of their home. While it may be argued the FLR restricts the freedom of men, Some may argue that they actually experience more of it in this relationship dynamic.

Flr relationship levels

Men who are expected to and used to be more controlling and at times aggressive unwanted behavior! If this sounds like the relationship type for you but you worry it will be difficult to find, have no fear flr relationship levels leader! There are numerous dating websites available for you to use:. Individuals looking for this type of relationship are encouraged to demonstrate how decisive and dominant they like to be in their profiles to attract the beta male they are looking for.

The important thing to note here is that as we are all individuals, little snowflakes, relationships are too. If both parties ensure the other is happy and fulfilled by the dynamic at play then FLRs can be a highly positive experience.

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Flr relationship levels

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Flr relationship levels

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Female Led Relationships: The Truth Behind the Controversy