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Hey all! Well I guess I am coming to this forum to ask for some advice since its not so easy to bring up to my girlfriends. I absolutely love being a feedee. I always had this desire as long as I can remember. Its really who I am and would loose a lot of myself and happiness without it. Now although I am I had my fair share of relationships So I can honestly say what I want and don't want in a relationship and came to realize that I need this in my life.

But the truth is finding a guy into this fetish is so challenging. I want to have an actual relationship with a feeder. Its truly a dream to have a guy into this fetish and also have him as a partner beyond the bedroom. Now I am somewhat picky and just wont go with anyone I am actually a beautiful girl with great qualities and I am looking for certain types of guys because feedee forum just what I want.

And when I do find a decent guy he is either states away and nothing ever happens or just focused on the fetish alone. I don't mind relocating but most guys are so flaky with this. I can't seem to find that balance in a guy.

Feedee forum all seem to be comfortable with an online relationship verse the real deal. I can only think that maybe they are letting society tell them being with a bbw is wrong??? So instead I tried dating men who like curvy girls but not into my fetish. But its just not the same. Its not easy to tell a guy I want to be fatter or it turns me on when I play with my fat. Girls just don't come out and say these things without having guys run away lol. Sharing a fetish with your partner brings such a different level to your relationship.

You almost have such a unique connection. I am so close on giving up on finding a guy that's into this fetish. Should I just stick to men that's into curvy girls without this fetish?

Feedee forum

Feederism is really so uncommon. I know I can't live without this Trust me I already tried asking to the vanilla guys out there a bit about how they feel about feederism or just bbw in general but it always goes bad. Lol so I am l sorta lost in this. Should I keep my fetish to myself and hope I can deal without being open with someone about it? I am sure my weight gain will be noticed other than that everything else would be unmentioned. Lol Has anyone kept this fetish to themselves and had a semi normal relationship with your partner?

Are there any feedees out there like me who had these same problems? Please only serious inquires only!!! If a feeder won't fly to your area to spend some no-strings-attached time with you you can eliminate him from your list. If no one passes the test, remember: feeding is great but love is better. If you can find someone you can love, feeder or not, that's pretty damn good. The problem isn't so much society, as much as it is that you're putting a constraint on that's going to already make it really hard to find just because of that alone.

So, instead of just finding someone that likes, say, the same kind of food as you, or the same kind of movies, or has a personality that meshes with your own, you're now trying to find that same sort of thing, but with an added constraint that makes it difficult because you're looking in a smaller area now. I don't think that you'd scare away guys that are already into bigger women, though, by being honest about what turns you on. I've been with a girl that wasn't into any of this stuff.

I think I was the first person feedee forum ever give her attention to her belly and feedee forum with it and stuff, and she ended up liking it. The thing is, if someone likes you enough, they'll probably humor you on stuff that you're into because it's something that'll make you happy.

Feedee forum

Maybe they might not share the enthusiasm, but if they like you, they'll at least try to do stuff that makes you happy. I've been with a girl that wasn't into any of this stuff she was actually kind of freaked out by the whole feederism thing.

Feedee forum

And, I kept it to myself for a long time, but, I finally let her know that I'd noticed when she gained and how I thought it was attractive, and while she still didn't share that same enthusiasm, a lot of stuff in our relationship ended up improving because I was open with her about how I felt.

So, don't keep it to yourself. But, if you're worried about it being overwhelming to someone who is uninitiated, maybe just try to ease them in slowly, you know? I'm not a feeder, but I like weight gain on ladies feedee forum I guess there is quite a bit of FAs who have it similar. I can only speak for myself but if my wife wanted me to feed her, I'd probably do it with a degree of pleasure, it just wouldn't be so sexual in itself, but if it was sexual for her, I'm sure I'd get excited seeing as she gets excited.

I guess there is some synergy happening at such moments, as long as the "non-fetish" person is ok about the fetish of the "fetish" person. So as long as you don't need the guy to be exactly as excited by the feeding as you do, that could be a nice middle ground. Maybe it's shame, maybe it's lack of commitment or having someone else, or just disinterest in anything more who knows?

But finding the perfect someone isn't ever going to be easy. I thought I found someone feedee forum for me and was willing to travel to them, and all I found was heartbreak when I got there Traveling to meet up with someone can be feedee forum scary It's all so chaotic when it comes to such a niche. But when it comes to this niche, if you're really into this and crave it You might fall in love with them but the doubt you have towards being attractive to them may set in Thanks all.

And yes I tried being with someone who will just entertain the fetish as well as I did for them I don't have to go to the whole extreme of being fed From my experience I have yet met a "normal" guy that gets turned on by watching me gain. I have in the past fallen in love with someone who wasn't into this Traveling to meet someone for me was never scary on my part but maybe your right KillerRamer Ill still continue to look for someone with a like mind and keep positive I hope I get some feedback from some females who had a similar experience.

I don't know, being a FA guy, I can say that it is sexy to me to see a girl gain weight and have a healthy appetite.

Feedee forum

I've been around and specifically asked many guys about this kind of thing, because I'm an advocate, and I think truthfully most guys honestly enjoy curvier girls. Especially once you get into around our age I'm also 27I think it's becoming more of a thing - just maybe not socially acceptable to admit in public yet, as stupid as that sounds. What I'm getting at is that there may be way more guys out there than you may think that may not initially be at the same level of understanding you have about this thing, but I bet there are a lot out there who would really enjoy it - the hard part is yeah, finding them.

It's not usually something you start a conversation about lol I find the other way around being just as hard to find! I was so embarrassed to tell my ex about my fetish it took me 3 years and i have never met a single guy or gal that's in anyway in to the F. My point is; Try to find someone here becouse there is plenty of us here! Well, I do know how you feel. Coming out with too much information right away can definitely drive a of people away. I do understand a little bit about how you feel.

I've had to skirt around my preferences feedee forum ladies as well as some of my other fetishes. It's kind of like a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of deal. Most people think it's weird and are repulsed, or you're miserable faking your way through things. I'd be open about your fetish es. I'm pretty open feedee forum at least hint about mine. I'd rather be honest and open and let people decide whether they like or dislike that. Regardless of their decision, I'm still feedee forum get it up more for a lady of size, or dominating a sub, etc.

So I'd say find some people who accept you for you, like all of us Curvage folks, and be you. If being a feedee is a part of you be honest and open about it. You may cause whoever finds your lovely self may find out that he or she likes feeding and fatter women.

Happened to me, except mine was finding out I loved being a dominant. That's not to say, right off the bat be like, "I'm a feedee and want to be fatter," but it may behoove you to slowly reveal things, but definitely let your partner know about your desires.

On a side note, I just realized that I have told people that I like submission and domination, bondage, women of varied sizes and shapes preferably fatter, but never that I liked feeding and fattening women except for my ex. Indeed, society does have something to do with it unless the BBW they are with has a big butt or breasts, and even sometimes those are hated on out of jealousy or how "weird" it is.

There are more fat people than ever and more fat shaming than ever so it very well could have something to do. It may, like in my case, have to do with some social awkwardness.

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