How to be a dom daddy

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How to be a dom daddy

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How to be a dom daddy

By JuneStar - 6 years ago. You cannot love a little gently. Littles, often, do not realize they deserve to be loved. You must love them with a force that can crush mountains. You must burn their soul so hot with your love that doubt melts away. Your love must be unconditional and you must show them on their very worst days.

They often don't know they're beautiful. They can get compliments all day and they wont believe it. There is a demon on their shoulder whispering that it's not true. They're aging. They're not youthful any longer. It takes a dozen compliments to erase one hurtful torment from their past.

Shower them with compliments, be their cheerleader, until your words are their heartbeats instead of their doubts. Chase them. We often have the attitude of not chasing anyone. It is said to be weak if we chase someone who walks away, but littles need to see you are weak for them.

Sometimes a little needs to see how much you need them too. They need to see how to be a dom daddy vulnerability in your eyes to feel okay and accepted for who they truly are on the inside. They need you to need them. They need routine and consistency. Littles often over analyze everything. They notice everything. Did you stop asking them for pictures after some time passed? Did you stop using a pet name? Did you stop your morning greeting? Even for a day? Every broken pattern to a little means the end of the only thing they have ever wanted and it terrifies them. Smother them with affection.

Touch them. Kiss them. Whisper in their ears. Littles have not experienced enough positive affection in their lives. They will absorb every ounce as a person dying of thirst demands water. You cannot shower them with enough of a good physical, emotional, or spiritual touch. Be honest and keep promises. Littles have not dared to dream too much.

Nearly every vow made to a little has been broken. Every promise has likely been a lie. A little would rather you never let a promise escape your lips than have you utter false ones. Prepare to drown. If a little lets you inside their chaotic soul then you will be immersed in a madness you will not understand. Littles sometimes walk the balance beam of insanity. Sometimes littles fall into a little temper tantrum fit or an emotional breakdown of tears. It is what it is. If a little loves you then it is forever.

Littles will love you with a loyalty that will amaze you. Littles will be committed and their hearts will beat your name passionately. Littles will try to devour all of your pain. Littles will be perceptive to your wounds and eager to heal your soul. If a little loves you then please be prepared that they will forever stay. User mini profile. By dbg - 5 years ago. It brought a smile to my face. I will definitely be sharing this with my Daddy. So, fall asleep love, loved by me By growinguplittle - 5 years ago. By princessStinky - 5 years ago.

And it is really cute And somehow hurting. By BriBri - 5 years ago. If I could put a Thanks! So this 'Thank you' will have to do.

How to be a dom daddy

I hope this is something I get to experience with someone else. What do I have to offer? If he gives me all of this, what does he gain? Am I selfish to ask of this? By Mightywombatt - 5 years ago. By littlechelsea - 5 years ago. By Rosetta - 5 years ago. I want to be that person for him. It would be great to have such a list for how to make your CG feel loved. I would in general like to see A LOT more topics on how Littles can relief and make happy their CG more and better because generally the CG do incredibly much for us already. By fluffyscott - 5 years ago.

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How to be a dom daddy

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How to be a dom daddy

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