Snapchat dickpic

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Draymond Green, basketball superstar and Snapchat dick pic taker. Draymond Green is having a really bad summer. The human brain has control over the arm, Green argued to journalists in a fun round of bullshitting, but not the leg. In JulyGreen made headlines again for allegedly assaulting a Michigan State football player outside an East Lansing restaurant. A championship loss, assault charges, and two nut-tapping scandals would be enough to qualify these months as a low point.

The picture stayed out in the ether for 10 minutes before he deleted it, and for days afterward everyone especially his USA teammates made fun of snapchat dickpic. He is the person with the most to process about the situation.

Snapchat dickpic

In the words of another Snapchat impresarioDraymond Green did the one thing you should never do — he played himself. The personal lives of athletes are not entirely mysteries. Men who play professional sports tend to sleep around, take advantage of their status with fans, and cheat on their wives, feeding off an atmosphere of entitlement in the workplace.

Wild rumors about endowment have filled in sports legends like Technicolor. Impolite speculation has gone in a remarkably literal direction thanks to blogs like Depin, which for a time published leaked nudes so regularly that it snapchat dickpic charged with ruining careers, albeit by a relative of one of the embarrassed players. That embarrassed player was Brett Favre inwho apparently liked to text pictures of his junk to women who worked for the Jets in The subtext snapchat dickpic the investigation was irritation at having to do any investigating at all.

There is too much irony, too much allowance in general in these situations, and your bosses will look the other way. What matters usually is not the crime itself, which is not that hard in these circumstances among mostly consenting adults, but who gets the most of the shame.

Snapchat dickpic

This is a fairly dopey thing that has no consequence but embarrassment, after a lot of stupid things that he did this year. In that way, the whole thing is kind of a joy. Rarely do we get a situation that requires so little guesswork.

If I had to come up with a scenario for the picture in question, I would imagine Draymond was bored, probably on the plane with Team USA, who were all napping or doing their own thing on their phones. Maybe he was frustrated. Maybe he was procrastinating some important decision. Maybe he was just lonely. Maybe she had already sent him something, and he had to reply.

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Snapchat dickpic

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Snapchat dickpic

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