Forced feminization forum

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Forced feminization forum

Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Forced Feminization [Discussion]. KalikaM Well-known member. Hey guys! I'm wondering if any of you have some suggestions for Forced Fem stories that are, um, well, really about force? I keep picking up titles to try and the author's idea of "force" in a lot of cases is: Male MC: Oh noooo, don't make me crossdress!

Character Doing the Feminizing: Shut up and do it. Male MC: Okay!

Forced feminization forum

Character Doing the Feminizing: I can't believe you're enjoying this, you pervert. Male MC: I don't like it! I hate it so much! Male MC: Nooooooo! Not force. I mean, it's obvious he loves it, but just can't admit it out loud. And that kind of story is fine and great and all, but I'm a dominant woman, so for me it's the force itself that I crave, more so than the outcome. So can anyone recommend some stories or authors where the men are actually feminized against their will? It's okay if they eventually adjust to it or get Stockholm Syndromed into thinking they like it in the end I do enjoy Irene Clearmont's stories, which I think are a lot more along the lines of what I like.

Bdsmlibrary got consensual, reluctant, blackmail, forced. In the Sandy Thomas thread look for books by Carol Jean. Her books are all about forced feminization where the victim is unwilling and fights it. I don't know how to point you to specific posts so here is the link to the start of the thread. Click to expand Last edited: Apr 11, Romi Active member.

Other tags to check for are "cuckolding" and "chastity"; both are more likely to include non-consensual sex, often bordering on slavery. Many of the Reluctant Press stories match your criteria, but they tend to be fairly tame, most falling somewhere between PG and Forced feminization forum to use movie ratings.

The cause of the change tends to vary as well, from the standard boy being punished to almost magical chemicals to weird viruses e. The Isle of Women. KalikaM said:. Lauren New member. Look at the Holly Sharp stories. Here are several of his books and also in fictionmania. I went through this thread and read all of the stories you guys mentioned but none of them come close to what the OP was looking for if I interpreted it correctly.

I'm looking for a story where at least the guy turning into a girl is forced to undergo some kind of surgery, or at least take some hormones by force. And in the end not become a submissive slave, but a man who out of desperation chooses to accept her new body, willingly. Lauren said:. The acceptance happens with reluctance and then she makes the best of her situation.

EmoryAhlberg Active member. My stuff is all realistic forced fem. PongC Member. It is a gender role reversal story. Should tick your boxes. Incidentally, I love institutionalized gender role reversal. Not the naked slave type but where there is a degree of realism and men find themselves as immature sweet boys ruled by women.

I loved the 'Giving the slip' above. Peters Girl. If anyone has some suggestions for Gender role reversal, stories put them here. Or should I make a new thread? Probably better to forced feminization forum a new thread. Role reversal might be forced, or voluntary, or even accidental. And it tends to focus more on mental rather than physical changes. I will, not sure if there is any interest. Maybe too specific I will give it a try. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. No shemale,needs vagina Discussions and Other 0 Jun 18, S Does somebody know some good forced transgender comics?

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Forced feminization forum

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Patreon feminization Started by Niraj Jul 3, Replies: 4. Crossdressing feminization family Started by Niraj Jun 13, Replies: 5. Julia G. Help regarding feminization and crossdresing stories Started by Niraj May 12, Replies: 6. Share: Share Link. Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blockingbut forced feminization forum also blocks some useful and important features of our website. For the best possible site experience please take a moment to disable your AdBlocker. Forced feminization videos request.

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Forced feminization forum

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