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UWSP is perfect for anyone looking for a smaller campus with plenty of opportunities. The class sizes are perfect, the professors are knowledgeable and the facilities are beautiful. The surrounding areas including restaurants and downtown are great places to hang out. My personal favorite place to relax was in Schmeeckle Reserve in my hammock!!

I couldn't really go anywhere without being commented on rate my bust harassed. I hope it was just me who had to deal with this, but it made me not want to go on campus really. There were also a lot of food mess-ups such as raw chicken, etc. A charming and small campus for those who want to step away from large crowds. Teachers and admin have personal interest in their students success and careers and want to be as helpful as possible.

Dorms could use some updating pray-simswhich is the sole reason I'm trying to get off campus next year.

Rate my bust

Dorm life aint for me. I transferred out of Stevens Point my first semester because I hated it so much. The dorms specifically Pray-Sims has not ben updated since the 's and it shows. My first month in the dorms there was a drug bust at the Point Motel. Very unsafe campus. A good school if you're looking for hands on classes. The small class size is really nice so you can actually talk to your professor if you need to. The one main issue is the current lack of class option for specified rate my bust.

The staff is very helpful and kind. Im so lucky to have the opportunity to be at this school and for this school to accept me. They have great professors, advisors, and overall staff. They have done excellent with maneuvering around Covid and although I personally havent lived on campus yet, I look forward to when the pandemic is over because I LOVE the atmosphere!

The greatest natural resource programs that set this school apart from others is what drew me here. Most professors are great if you learn to understand them. Buildings are ugly but utilitarian. Nature preserve right on campus is a great hangout spot.

Rate my bust

It is upsetting to see some of the reviews on here that there is nothing to do and it isn't a good school. They are usually smaller and not ragers.

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As far as on campus, there are many clubs and groups that work super hard to put on events and activities. A lot of them are really cool. Overall, I recommend it! Especially for health science, natural resources, and arts majors. Reputation and opportunities strong for certain programs only. Dining program has recently changed, food's not worth what they charge. Stevens Point is a very fun town.

The worst part of campus at the moment is the dining. There's not enough seating, everything is over-priced, the hours are messed up, lines are crazy long. The university swapped practicality for style and it was not worth my tuition.

Otherwise the clubs are awesome, as long as you make the effort to get involved. The campus community is great. Everything is what you make of it.

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The more involved you are with clubs and volunteering there's a lot of opportunities if you know where to look the better experience you will have. Lots of athletic events to go to with friends almost weekly. Food isn't great though. Schmeeckle nearby is the best part. A lot of scary things happen around dark if you are walking back to your apartment, terrible study environments, nothing to do on campus compared rate my bust others. Let's just say when I see tour groups I just want to tell them to stay far away from here. School is great but the construction takes forever here to complete.

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Rate my bust

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Good year. It is an okay college. Love it here 0 people found this useful 0 people did not find this useful report this rating. Not a bad School, just not the best.

Rate my bust

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