Collaring your sub

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Collaring your sub

A collaring ceremony can be a symbolic gathering between two or more people and a group of friends to honor a commitment. Another difference between a wedding and a collaring is that a collaring ceremony does not have to have one male groom and one female bride. It can be a ceremony between any of people in a relationship with any expression of gender. Collaring ceremonies are not collaring your sub as bound by tradition as weddings are.

Each collaring is unique to the people taking part and can be completely different those that have come before it. Those planning the ceremonies are free to shape their ceremony into whatever they want. But to some ceremony planners, all that freedom without any set guidelines can be daunting. Where do you start? Want the mood darker, kinkier?

Leather, dungeons, whips and chains would make for some appropriately inappropriate decor. And no matter what the mood or theme, no ceremony would be complete without music and candles. Make a playlist of songs that are meaningful to your relationship, and light a few candles in a color that compliments the other decorations. Guests Who do you want to be the witnesses of your ceremony?

Do you want to be surrounded by friends and family? Supported by members of your close community in the lifestyle? Or keep it very private - an intimate date only between the people who are exchanging the vows? Having the ceremony be between just those exchanging vows can be just as meaningful as a large gathering. Be sure to send out invitations!

Collaring your sub

Save the trees and keep it green by sending customized evites from sites like Punchbowl. For something you can hold and keep, print invitations on anything from paper, to metal, photos, cloth, even glass at a handmade invitation de studio like Karenbartolomei. Location Having a ceremony at home is a big win for those looking for something intimate and collaring your sub budget, especially if they have a dedicated room for the lifestyle. A yard or garden for an outdoor celebration is another popular location for ceremonies where being together in nature is a must — weather permitting.

Discuss your options and plans with the location or event manager. Even the more lifestyle-friendly venues might have policies regarding BDSM and nudity. Attire The Collar The real centerpiece of a wedding ceremony is the ring — so the collar is the most important part of the collaring ceremony. Which one is right for your relationship? They typically want one that can be worn day or night, in public or at play, that works well in vanilla setting or lifestyle parties, just like a wedding ring. If the submissive already has a collar, sometimes a simple upgrade is needed to a newer de or finish.

Or course, not all collaring ceremonies necessarily need a collar or necklace. Locking bracelet cuffs or anklets are perfect for many relationship types. An engraved pendant is a great compliment to a locking collar. Ceremony or anniversary dates are popular engravings, as well as affectionate pet names. Clothes What are you wearing to your ceremony? What would make both the Dom and the sub feel beautiful collaring your sub connected?

Keep the theme of the collaring ceremony in mind. Some ceremonies call for costumes; Robes are great for a Druidic ritual feeling, for instance. BDSM-wear, leather, or latex befits many a fine kinky ceremony.

Collaring your sub

And hey, nudity works great for many folks. Officiant The officiant has a place of honor. You can ask a friend or someone in the lifestyle to lead the ceremony. In certain cases where the sub or subs are not speaking, an assistant can speak on behalf of the sub. This is the case in the ceremony between Ms Siren and boy johnwhere they use an assistant to speak for boy john and Ms Siren le the vows instead of an officiant. Words Writing vows can be one of the harder, more personal tasks of any ceremony. These vows can be highly structured, full of high-minded speech and quotes.

The vows could be simpler; a short speech where the Dom commits to protect and own the sub, and the sub promises to obey and be owned by their master. The words might even be something written and ed together, like a contract. Contracts are desirable for some in the lifestyle because the provide written guidelines for all parties involved. Though some are not legally binding, it adds to the permanence for some relationships and clarifies grey areas.

Whatever contract you use, be sure to go over the terms with everyone involved well before the ceremony to make sure all parties agree and have time to discuss edits. Ritual The ritual is the procession of the ceremony from beginning to end. It can reflect you as a couple often at the same level of ritual as you have in your collaring your sub. It could be simple, such as just placing the collar on the neck, locking it, and exchanging a few words.

Collaring your sub

Or it could be highly structured and ceremonious, like this detailed breakdown of a collaring by DominantGuide. Or it could be leaving the ceremony altogether and going out to a bar or restaurant. No matter what you theme is or how many guests are there, collaring ceremonies are only about the people collaring and those being collared. The most important thing to plan for is that at the end of the day they feel content and connected to each other. July 19, — Tangent Digital Tags: Lifestyle.

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Collaring your sub

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