Difference between a submissive and a slave

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In Register. Online now. topic Next topic. Slave vs Submissive. Would being a slave include red limits? I am confused around the difference between the two tittles, I identify as submissive however i seem to be seeking a higher level of control such as a Master???

Of course that doesn't play well for some. Frankly if someone says you can have no limits, no safe words I would, no matter how charming, beautiful and appears to be your ideal, on your wave length, I would run. At the end of the day there is no one way and everyone makes this, adapts the ideals, fantasy to suit their needs, limits and life experiences, but in the real world. That is very true thank you. If you chose to be a slave there are no limits, red or otherwise. Can you set limits? Of course you can. You simply are not a slave. There is no ifs and or buts about it. No,this is how I do it, this is how you do it, b.

It is natural for a submissive to continually seek to give up more and more control.

Difference between a submissive and a slave

Will this inevitably lead to being a slave? For a few, yes it will. For most, no it will not. My point to this hawkeye, i understand the concept, im asking as my limits are red not because i am uncomfy with new ideas ect but for my mental wellbeing, this is why im asking as some things can not be crossed for safety so how would that work with the slave bit?

Does this mean i am not able to become a slave ever as its important for me to be responsible and keep these limits there? Im a bit confused. Rose, perhaps you are getting too hung up on terminology. You identify as submissive but have hard limits.

Difference between a submissive and a slave

I am sure myself that there are not just submissives and slaves - there is a whole sliding scale of extent of submission. You or anyone else can be anywhere on the scale and at a different point on another day. Thats all ok, thats all cool. We should do what we are comfortable with and not what we are not comfortable with. I think its true, as Hawkeye said, that as you get more comfortable with someone you may relax some of your limits, but some of those limits will never move.

I think the goal should not be to be the ultimate slave with no limits, but to find the place you feel you belong. That could be a seriously slavey submissive or a slave with limits. To me that amounts to the same thing; the terminology is no help at this point. What matters is the two people involved and the dynamic set up. I have to say that as a Dominant I would never get involved with someone who didnt have limits, so I am with Doc T on this one. I would much prefer to be involved with someone who has a submissive character and a brain, and to gradually move towards more submission as trust develops.

Difference between a submissive and a slave

Be who you are. Rosethorn As actual slavery is illegal, the slavery we talk about here is consensual. As such the slave always has the ability to set a limit and leave if such a limit is broken. However if this is your mindset from the beginning then no, you are not a slave. It means that you have put your trust in your dominant to set and abide by the limits he has chosen. I agree that you should be who you are and if who you are is a slave then that is who you should be.

It is however a long slow journey and a tremendous amount of work and self discovery. Good luck on your journey. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Difference between a submissive and a slave

I would match any of them against you intellectually and if your post is any indication they will easily win. I look at it like this. I engage with Dominants in many different ways. If I decide that I think this Dominant may be someone I want a no limits relationship with I make sure his limits are similar to my own. I would never enter in as a slave. Now now Mr Hawkeye, no need to get testy I do not believe that slaves are brainless. That does not match my experience. I do believe that it would be a bad idea to enter into a Master-slave relationship from a standing start without recourse to limits, safewords etc.

Agree with the fine words from TakenLower. You have to be mindful to be mindless. You have to be worthy to be worthless. You have to be something to be nothing. I can be, but I am not. I will be, for the right one. I want to be, for the one that deserves it. Follow us on Twitter. For billing inquiries, please visit ccbillour authorized sales and service agent. The most loved post in topic.

Difference between a submissive and a slave

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