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Petersburg, Florida. Party Down South depicts eight adults who are put together in a house for the summer. The final season premiered on January 28,and concluded on April 14, Some locals are against the idea, as the name "Dirty South" does not represent the area and could hurt the areas reputation, but others are in favor of the show or say they will have an open mind.

Sc names dirty 2015

In Julythe owner of Drunken Jack's, Al Hitchcock, was approached by Productions about filming in his restaurant. Hitchcock stated that he was not opposed to the idea and thinks it would be good for the area. He consequently allowed crews inside his restaurant and placed a bid to serve as the catering company for the more than crew and cast members while they were in town.

The second season was originally set to be filmed in Pensacola, Floridabefore the local community rejected the production over concerns of image portrayal of Pensacola Beach and wanting to "get away from the whole Redneck Riviera crap. Season 3 premiered on February 26, The fourth season premiered on August 20,and concluded on October 29, Filming took place in St. The fifth and final season premiered on January 28, The final episode will air on April 7,and the series will conclude the following week April 14,with the reunion show.

Filming took place in Savannah, Georgia.

Sc names dirty 2015

Season 1 premiered on November 20, Filming took place in BiloxiMississippi. The second season, which was filmed in St. Petersburg, Floridapremiered on May 14, Cast member Magan Ladner did not be return for the second season, due to the birth of her daughter. Since WBTW announced that show would be filmed in Murrells Inletcrews from the production company had begun working on a large home called King's Krest, a year-old house located on the Marshwalk.

This location is intended to house the cast for about a month during the filming of the show, but word of the show has worried many locals about what the caricatured "reality" show could do to the peaceful fishing town's reputation. Local resident Warren Stedman stated "There was all this secrecy, they kept telling us it was a documentary, well no it's not. It's a reality show about a bunch of drunk year-olds or whatever, coming in and pretending they're Southerners. Many residents are upset that local officials did nothing to deter the production of a show that could have serious effects on the quiet vacation destination.

Jerry Oakley, the vice chairman of the Georgetown County Council, stated "Any citizen who does not agree with the decision of the Zoning Administrator can immediately appeal it to the Board of Zoning Appeals, and that would be my suggestion to anyone who has issue with that decision. People from Georgetown County express concern that the cast does not reflect the Southern character and hospitality for which the area is known.

One resident is quoted saying "I think it is absolutely ridiculous, [and] it is humiliating. The kind of people that they are casting are not from here. We definitely have more manners than that. Former Georgia congressman, The Dukes of Hazzard star Ben Jones has been openly critical of Party Sc names dirty 2015 South since its debut and has even gone so far as to write a condemning open letter to Country Music Television and its parent company Viacom Media Networks regarding the show and its portrayal of southerners.

On February 23,cast member Lyle Boudreaux was arrested in Maurice, Louisiana for burglary of a vehicle. In Aprilcast member Mattie Breaux had a bench warrant issued for her arrest. This was the result of her failing to appear for a pre-trial hearing from a drunk-driving arrest.

She said she was participating in filming for Season 2 in Athens, Georgia at the time of the hearing. In Julycast member Ryan "Daddy" Richards was investigated by authorities in Athens, Georgia, after a woman initially told police that she had been sexually assaulted by "Daddy" after being slipped a date rape drug while partying with the cast during the filming of season 2.

On November 15,cast member Josh Murray was arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended in Rankin County, Mississippiafter failing a field sobriety test. On February 8,Lyle Sc names dirty 2015 was arrested again, this time in Lafayette, Louisianaon charges of drunk driving, marijuana possession and bringing drugs into a jail following his arrest. The Futon Critic. December 12, Retrieved December 12, Country Music Television. Retrieved July 28, The Hollywood Reporter. Wet Paint Jersey Shore.

Sc names dirty 2015

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Sc names dirty 2015

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Sc names dirty 2015

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