Mutual masturbation forum

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Mutual masturbation forum

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Colleague Mutual Masturbation. Thread starter Adamj Start date Oct 12, Forums Flashing Experiences. You are using an out mutual masturbation forum date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

up to be a member at Stripchat now! Adamj Starting to share my experiences Oct 12, First time post, long time lurker. We would get together as a group to do happy hours and shoot pool. A bit into our friendship and after several drinks one night, porn becomes a subject.

After most of our group retired for the night, our conversation migrated back to porn She was hesitant, and I laid out rules of no touching each other this was already a risk, going further could be bad for business We left the parking lot and I proceeded home with a good semi inside my jeans. I pull into my garage and another set of headlights soon hit my driveway behind me. Here she was. She was unsure, partly not believing I would do it. After a couple minutes she shut the car down and came inside.

We both sat on my couch, I grabbed my iPad, and pulled up some Bree Olson, her favorite porn star. I beamed it up to the TV via Chromecast and we started watching and making light hearted commentary on things occurring in the video. After a short vid or 2 I told her I was going to start. What a fucking rush. I lubed up and started stroking slowly while watching I encouraged her to enjoy herself as well.

Mutual masturbation forum

She relented and ultimately never did that evening. After several scenes of Bree and my favorite Jenna Haze, my edging had grown so intense I told her I was gonna cum. She shifted her focus solely to my insanely rock hard cock and I gave it the necessary strokes to explode. I shot a huge load all over my shirt and nearly got my face.

Mutual masturbation forum

She was flabbergasted at the volume and power of it. It was such a rush to finish after talking about it, telling her I was going to jerk off, and then agreeing to sit and watch me. More to come. Round 2. We had a couple similar experiences over the following months, always following a few drinks. Each time she went a little further into exploring herself. She was a bit self conscious, and not quite as open as I was obviously but she was making progress to getting herself off in front of me.

One night we went into my basement where I have an old Swedish lounge chair.

Mutual masturbation forum

She sat down in it for the first time and this chair just puts you in the right position to masturbate. It was always my Omegle chair She loved the chair Anyway, porn goes on the TV gotta love chromecast always Bree first to get her excited. We lay there and watch for a few, sharing comments and Bree or the scene in general. Soon her right hand undoes the button on her mutual masturbation forum and zipper then it slides underneath.

Out comes my cock. I keep my focus on the TV, not wanting to make her self conscious, but routinely steal glances over to see her rubbing her pussy in a circular motion under under her cracked pants. Certainly she does the same. She continues to rub, and I stroke my dick.

I change the porn to some amateur videos my genre of choice and explain that I like it so much because these are people like us and there are pervs everywhere. We continue for a good while, her rubbing faster then slower then faster I can hear her pussy slurping. It was so hot, I was sitting there taking it all in There Bree was on the screen talking dirty and repeadly getting pounded in the face with cum. It Was her golden ticket and she somewhat quietly moaned her way thru what I can only assume was a very intense orgasm.

After she regrouped, I pushed the envelope a bit and asked her if she wanted a cumshot. To my moderate surprise, she said Damn right I want. I sat up on the edge of the couch and she came to kneel in front of me, taking off her shirt, but not bra. I proceeded to unload all over her bra, chest, neck and chin I do remember hearing it splatting on her skin and once again, after edging and living this experience out, it was a huge load.

I collapsed back in the couch, laughing at her astonished reaction to being literally mutual masturbation forum with cum. I regrouped, grabbed her a towel, she wiped off, said our goodbyes and left. Jan 11, Please share more. Reactions: tjnakjizzmizzle and cyutcock. Oct 15, 1. This is very hot; the only caveat is that if you ever have a chance to become her boss, DON'T. That changes the dynamics and set you up. Reactions: tjnak.

Plenty more to share when I have time. Reactions: Maybefun. Finally have time to share another experience A bit of back story. One night we were texting late night she asked me to tell her something no one else knew. We already had been texting a bit that night and I was fairly horny as I was watching a bit of porn on my iPad while we were texting. Anyway, I was in the moment and decided to tell her about a time I went to an adult theater a few years ago I had only ever told this story to one other person.

Mutual masturbation forum

Story goes like this One horny afternoon, I was browsing CL personal just to see what was out there I was in my home town, a small town, so never anything real going on but it was sometimes fun to check and see there were occasionally some random sluts out there.

I do have a couple CL experiences from when I was living in a city I may eventually share There was a post from a couple going to an adult theater nearby and inviting guys to check her out at a certain time mid afternoon. I thought why not As I pulled into the parking lot, it was timed perfectly as the couple was walking in mutual masturbation forum door. The post was real! Inside the theater it was a big room with couches facing every wall, TVs on each wall playing anything you can imagine I sat on a couch in front of a straight tv and just watched for a bit. I started to get hard knowing she was basically right behind me, maybe looking down on me.

I reached up my shorts leg and repositioned mutual masturbation forum cock sideways against my thigh, almost instantly precum leaked out. Not knowing etiquette, I kept it in my pants and occasionally put a few fingers on it over the outside of my shirts and gave it a few strokes After about 5minutes of that felt like hours they went to the middle of the room where there was a flat leather bench. She sat down on the end of it and removed her shirt; a crowd started to form. Then cocks started coming out. I had stood up and walked over but stayed a couple feet removed, cock still in my pants.

I watched as she laid back on the bench, her male partner strattled the bench on the end, basically her head was almost laying in his lap. But seeing her service cocks made me hard as hell Things were getting heavy as one guy walked up and shot all over her chest. I began to envision myself doing the same, knowing I had a huge load saved up as I was stroking and edging when I saw the post, but never came. She said she was heading up my way So anyway, back to the subject of the thread I told my friend about this, albeit not quite as detailed, and to my surprise she said it sounded interesting.

So one night, again after happy hour, it was just her and I. I brought up the theater and she very willingly agreed to check it out. So off we went, a bit buzzed, to the very same theater. This was now years later but everything was the same, except it was now 11p on a Friday night.

Just a bunch of guys roaming around or sitting in front of their tv of choice, no real open stroking going on. We went to a second room, a smaller one and sat on the couch. A straight scene played on the tv, volume too loud to be honest, and watched for a bit.

Mutual masturbation forum

Guys came in, some stood in the back, some sat in the chairs across from us. We sat for about minutes. One guy came in the back of the room and started jacking off hard

Mutual masturbation forum

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