Dominant punishment ideas

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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. A punishment in a BDSM relationship is dished out by the dominant partner when the submissive breaks the rules set out for her or behaves in a way which does not please her Dom. Rember, BDSM is a form or roleplay. You have to keep her respect wanting to submit to you. If you are too severe with your punishments or in your choice of punishment, it is no fun for anyone.

Here are a few BDSM dominant punishment ideasalong with some basic punishment examples you can try. Imagine you did something wrong at school because you were struggling with maths. Would you want the teacher to correct you in a firm but tender manner? Or would you like them to shout at you to do it better? Which is going to result in your learning quicker? However, that may be because I attract more introvert submissives of the little variety, rather than all put masochists who enjoy pain and humiliation. Still not sure what types of sub punishments to give her?

Why not set her the task of creating a list of 10 things she would consider punishment, ranked from mild to severe? Have her it at the bottom as a BDSM contract of sorts, thereby agreeing to have these punishments carried out as and when needed. Holding them able is a great way to ensure they know what will happen if they step out of line. That way you are both in agreement what will happen if any misbehaving happens.

If you are into creative punishments, each item dominant punishment ideas the list, then roll a dice to see which punishment you will bestow on her when you need to. Answering this question before you begin is especially relevant if you are planning on carrying out punishments from the more severesuch as painful, sexual and humiliating.

The more extreme the punishment is, the more you need to be absolutely sure your submissive has agreed to it. Before you start the punishment, remind her exactly why she is being punished. Consider engaging in a submissive training programme at the start of your dom sub relationship so she understands exactly what is expected from her as your submissive.

She is learning. But if the weeks continue and there is no improvement, you can start thinking about taking disciplinary action. If she gets something wrong during training, or early on in the BDSM relationship, I would simply remind her of the rule. No punishment required. As an example, I instructed my sub she was not allowed to orgasm without asking my permission first, whether she was in my presence or not. She got very horny one night and decided to play with herself.

She texts me the following day to confess. I told ber she had been naughty and made sure she was fully understood the rule we had in place. Why nine? A few weeks later the same thing happened. I ended up making her strip down, and stand against a wall in the kitchen, pinning an object to it with her forehead for fifteen minutes which I cooked dinner. To make things a little tricker, I decided to place a bullet vibrator directly on her clitoris for a couple of minutes. I doubt it was painful, but the intensity of the sensation, plus not being able to more, was more uncomfortable than sexual.

If she decides to come a third time without permission, then I think at 6 or 7 severity disciplinary act will have to happen. Take note of the reason WHY she keeps getting it wrong. This last one deserves a more severe punishment than the ones.

Never punish your sub when angry, or not thinking clearly. Punishments are best served when you are feeling relaxed. Punishments are supposed to be given with a clear head. Personally, all of my punishments are given in a loving and tender way, rather than a cold or unkind way. Imagine telling your submissive she is going to be punished for not making the bed that morning. Part of the role of being a good Dom is clearly communicating what is expected from your sub. In the example above, the want was never communicated.

You should aslo not punish a dominant punishment ideas without her being very clear on what she is being punished for. Here are some lists of example punishments you can try. They range from beginner to moderate to extreme, so be careful, peeps! That wraps up my complete guide to submissive punishments.

Dominant punishment ideas

Leave a comment below with dominant punishment ideas thoughts. Same goes for taking off your collar because you had a small argument. Instead try something else please. It depends on how symbolic the collar is in the relationship. For example, in my current dynamic, there was no collaring ceremony and the collar is generally only worn during the day as a decorative item when out, or perhaps during a scene.

In that instance, they may be emotionally harmed by that action. The information is presented as a guide, and I hope people adapt it to their own dynamic to suit, ensuring the emotional wellbeing of both participants in the dynamic.

Never take a littles stuffie or give no cuddles. And never ever take a collar away. It makes us submissives unloved and unwanted. Yeah, I agree. If someone would take away my favourite stuffie — watch me walk completely out of that relationship in the next minute. The trust that would be broken by that action alone would never be able to be repaired for me.

Dominant punishment ideas

The punishment collar would just be a more obvious collar than her day collar or house collar. Good evening Chief. Also it would help the Dom keep himself in check as well as ensure no harm or abuse came to the sub! Your thoughts on this subject. Download my free 9 step practical quickstart workbook for beginner doms and subs. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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Submissive punishments are a tenant of BDSM.

Dominant punishment ideas

But what makes a good punishment? When does a sub deserve to be punished? And what can go wrong? Table of Contents. Get your copy today. Photo by form PxHere. Notify of. This will appear next to your comment. Used to send you comment updates. Oldest Newest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Reply to Tom. Hi Tom. Thanks for your comment. Reply to Rachel. Good article, especially applicable to littles my god are they tedious to deal with sometimes.

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Dominant punishment ideas

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