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May Posted by drmarkgriffiths. The fact that some may associate blood with sexual arousal menophilia the stage for an uncomfortable psychological and physical dichotomy. Thompson — that I first saw this practice written about in print. Clearly my own personal anecdote highlights that for a minority at leastperforming oral sex on menstruating women was something to be treasured, celebrated, and enjoyed sexually. The fact that for many women their sexual drives often increase during menstruation may be another reason why some men find this so sexually arousing.

In Tantric sex, the practice is mentioned but not encouraged. However, in Karezza a Westernized form of Tantrait is viewed as an opportunity for increased intimacy between consenting sexual partners. In voodoo folklore, it is claimed by some that having oral sex with a woman during their period ties the man with menophilia woman for life.

In blogs I have examined sexual paraphilias in relation to other activities that have involved blood including sexual vampirism and vorarephilia i.


Another blood-related paraphilia of direct interest here is menophilia. Menophilia is a sexual paraphilia in which an individual almost always male derives sexual arousal from menstruating females. As one female menophile reported online :.


A visual delight. It has been that way since I was a young girl. Nose bleeds and the sight of blood was exciting to me. I would sit in the mirror and watch the red rivulets run down my face. For these individuals, there are some clear overlaps between mysophilia sexual pleasure from filth and unclean items such as soiled knickers and sexual vampirism. There was also a case of a man who was both a menophile and a coprophile i. He was allegedly caught tampering with public toilets as a way of collecting excreted waste products from female users to fuel his sexual desires. Anecdotal evidence menophilia that most menophiles are male, some lesbians are also claimed to enjoy such practices.

I have yet to come across any psychological theorizing about the roots and causes of menophilia in any academic paper or book. I did come across the following online speculation although there was seemingly no empirical evidence backing up such claims:. Contrary to this however is menophilia fact that it is almost impossible for a woman to become pregnant during her menstruation.

Either way, a fascination of period blood is a fairly common menophilia at [this website]. Luckily for menophiliacs, it is easy to find a female who is willing to have sex during menstruation. In a blog on fetishism, I wrote at length about a study led by Dr G. Scorolli University of Bologna, Italy on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish forum data.


They reported that some of the sites featured references to menophiles. As with many of the menophilia I have examined in my blogs, there is almost a complete absence of any academic study on menophilia. Flow Forum A website about menstruation. Red Wings undated. The history and culture of red wings. Scorolli, Menophilia. Relative prevalence of different fetishes. International Journal of Impotence Research, 19, Thompson, H. London: Random House. Bookmark the permalink. I menophilia I come into this category. I am a male fetishist of female bodily fluids.

I started in my early teens as a panty sniffer then progressed much later in life to urophilia golden showers, pee drinking. It was then logical for me at least to start sniffing toilet tissue used by women to wipe their vaginas after peeing. This is relatively easy in some countries as tissue is disposed of in baskets and not thrown down the toilet. Menophilia countries where this is not the practice baskets or bins are provided for the disposal of sanitary products so I started sniffing these.

For me it is not so much about the blood but the vaginal aromas I never call them smells. Unisex toilets are my hunting ground but I will at times quickly dash into a female toilet when the coast is clear and grab the contents of the bin and rush out before anyone sees me. Other places to find used tissue, p and tampons are, for example, in the bushes near picnic areas and lay-bys. I loved to provide oral service to her so why stop when she was menstruating. I particularly enjoyed removing her tampon with my teeth and making love whilst sniffing it. Something I also do with her soiled panties.

Some of the women in my life have made me feel that my desire to suck out and swallow their menstrual blood was somehow perverted. Perhaps it is. An incredible turn on for me. I find myself looking for women who might be also excited about this. On-line contacts with a few Asian women have resulted in them sending me tampons and napkins. I have loved this.


My husband recently went down on me while on my period and I have to say it was the most amazing thing. He started by saying he just wanted to lick my asshole which I gladly let him but the more he licked the more I wanted to pull his head up to my pussy, he must have felt my yearnings because he eventually moved his mouth and tongue to my throbbing pussy and I have never been more turned on.

If you have not done this you must try it, you will not be disappointed. TO me it is an incredible bonding event. The time of her period is so special. I menophilia the taste of that milky discharge she sometimes gets just before her period starts.

And when it begins to flow, she is a goddess. I wonder if this fetish could be rooted in the association of bloody sex with the taking of female virginity. She is described as incarnate goddess Kali duing that time,who as per menophilia rode lord Siva.


Hindu tantra does not support maniac behaviour, most of the perverts are ignorant of Hindu sacred Tantra. It may be his way to let her know how much he loves her. I think it is both.


I can only say it is a goddess who can happily nourish a man from her womb. A delicious and wondrous thing indeed. I can relate. I mean, I get to safely see a bunch of my own blood menophilia month. I think blood is cool, so periods are worth the other not fun things for that. I also find the idea of the partner either being okay with it or enjoying it even hotter. Taking something taboo and making it erotic. The thought of ingesting some of it is hot, but not too much as a kid I once accidentally swallowed a bunch of blood from a menophilia tooth and got super queasy so I always associate blood-drinking with that.

What some above said about it being so incredibly womanly makes sense and I do like that aspect of it. I have a question. I am currently a 13 year old female. If someone could answer me in a non-judgemental way, that would be great. Pingback: J is for Juices King Kinky blog.

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