Fake girls on kik

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I apologize if I posted in the wrong place. Seeing as how so many of you have to deal with this almost all the time as I doI thought maybe you could all help me. I'm a bisexual woman. I went on omegle the other day because truth be told, I miss being with a woman. I tagged "bisexual" under the interest tags and I started. I met a couple of creeps. Some of them stating that they're male and a LOT of them pretending to be women.

I was actually stupid enough to give my kik to one of them. Then, after doing a reverse google image search of his userI found he was a fake. Cue the "this is my friend's kik, actually. I just really wanted to talk to you. Now, I think my kik name is circulating omegle because a bunch of guys have been texting me there asking for "a good time". I met Elle not her real name on omegle under the lesbian tag. I told her I was bisexual and she was okay with it. She seemed curious about my experiences with men.

Fake girls on kik

We talked for a while and she seemed like a nice girl. She gave me her kik and I gave her mine. Until now, we're still talking. She hasn't asked for nude pics. She's not overly clingy and jerky when I don't reply right away she just asks that I inform her before going off to do something else.

So, I think she's okay. The thing is, there are still some times that I freak out and think she's a fake.

Fake girls on kik

I have done an image search on her a hundred times and I still found nothing. I get jumpy when she asks about my experiences with guys because at the back of my head I think its just some guy pretending to be a woman so I can open up to him through his fake identity and he can get off. I know its the internet and its kik. There is no real telling if she is fake or not.

But I was hoping maybe being able to spot red flags would help me determine if she's real or not. Sorry for the length and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Thanks to those in advanced who will help. For the mods, if my post breaks any of the rules, kindly tell me. Thank you! Ask her to prove it. Just get her to send a picture holding up a piece of paper with something you say written on it. Consistent pictures aren't enough to tell usually as any creep can just download a bunch off a random girls FB.

This and also on kik you can tell if someone sends from the camera vs the gallery. So, ask for a live picture. I remember we had an OP who did something like this. He asked for a picture with their shoe on their head. I think it should be similar but something difficult to find on google. That being said, video chat. It's the best way to put a face and voice to an online persona. If you've been exchanging photos then she's almost definitely got a camera phone. It won't take a long conversation to verify things, and it'll give you way more peace of mind.

Hope that helps! Wanting proof of that Elle is indeed a woman is not unreasonable, Elle has probably been approached by fake profiles as well and if she is a woman she would understand your concerns and cooperate as long as you don't ask her prove herself in a way that's unreasonable giving out personal or sensitive information like username to other online profiles or her phone.

This won't really prove if Elle is real or not, but if you tell Elle that you don't want to discuss earlier experiences with men with justification or without, whatever feels best to you and Elle respects that and actually keeps away from that subject no "oops, I got carried away" or "it's just a question! Even if Elle is a woman, pressing on a set boundary would not be an okay thing to do. Doing this would not really prove that Fake girls on kik claim of being a woman is true or false, but it might still be beneficial - a test to see how Elle reacts to boundary enforcing, and an extra obstacle for a possible disguised creep to possibly loose patience over.

Other commenters have suggested asking Elle to send you a pic of her with something specific written on it, which sounds like a good idea. I'm not sure if this works, but in a different post in this sub someone suggested using a google phone to use as a throwaway. You could speak over phone without you exposing your real.

Creating a throwaway skype is also fake girls on kik you could do. I don't know if any of this is useful to you, but I hope you can find some good advice on here. Good luck! I don't know how, but I know live pictures can be faked on Kik. I sent someone a live pic recently and they were like, "well I can do that, too" and sent my own pic back to me from their camera, somehow It's a mystery but it clearly looked like they had sent me a live photo. That being said, and it's already been suggested, but video chat. You could also try googling any personal information she's given: a place of work, a city name, a university I caught someone giving me false information by looking up their major at the university they said they went to If you go to video chat and they make excuses "My camera is broken" "My internet is down" etc This is especially a red flag if it happens multiple times, even after you've agreed to video chat at a certain time or on a certain day.

Pay attention to the details: If they change something small--like say they have a cat named Steve but then a week later the cat's name is suddenly Bob--it's a red flag. The small things matter, even the tiniest details. This goes for other stuff, like their job, class schedule, the car they drive, etc. There's apps to send fake live pics and also, when someone sends a picture from camera and you share it from the top part of the picture, it continues saying camera.

Hope that made a bit of sense? OP, would you like a CAW tag on this post, since you're asking for advice and tips on recognizing red flags? Since it is kik, you could always ask for a live picture instead of one from the gallery. On KIK I always have girls skype me with at least a mic and that has busted so many fakes.

I've had guys attempt horrible female voices and one asshat who aimed his cam at a youtube video. Most of the time fakes freakout or claim that they can't find a pen or start asking if I'm bi or if I fake girls on kik to talk to their "brother" instead Then, ask them to do something random, for example: "now, a thumbs up with the same pose as before".

Cameras are suddenly "broken". Not sure if the girl I'm talking to on kik is a fake or not. Please give tips on how to identify red flags? Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

Fake girls on kik

Drake and the Racoons. The options are basically endless. Other red flags, I think: They can't produce a current photo of themselves If you go to video chat and they make excuses "My camera is broken" "My internet is down" etc This is especially a red flag if it happens multiple times, even after you've agreed to video chat at a certain time or on a certain day.

That's all I got for now.

Fake girls on kik Fake girls on kik

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