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Lil' reminder: Don't just exist.


Een sleur door het leven, zonder dat je hier grindbabes invloed op uitoefent. Wist je al dat je dit zelf in de hand hebt!? JIJ kan er voor kiezen elke dag bewust te leven en te genieten van de kleine en grote dingen. Ben jij een koffie lover of een redbull lover? Dit setje van loungeapparel zit echt ZO lekker! Gewoon omdat je er echt tevreden mee bent! Recommit to Your Goals!! There is no need to wait December is the New January.

So you had a few setbacks, somethings happened and you fell off track. Maybe You even got caught up in some old habits. It happens Tina, have yourself a little pity party. Venting is necessary. The real question is Did Halloween make it okay to indulge more than you normally grindbabes Is it having the Halloween candy In The house? Was there something that happen in your life that was tough to take? Start with committing to two training days week instead of six days. Instead take it grindbabes day, one meal and one workout at a time.

Start to fall in love with the process of working on yourself. Get yourself excited to try the new healthy recipes, instead of feeling like you have to do them. Find a program, class, trainer where you enjoy going so much that you are bummed when you miss out.


Before you know it, you will have hit your goal. Because time flys when you are enjoying what you are doing. The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Comment below During a phone call grindbabes my amazing soulsister tessaabellaa a month ago, we spontaneously decided to book a trip to reset. Little did I know this trip was going to be the biggest detox I have ever had.

So much so, this entire year So far I have spent it restructuring all my businesses and even rebuilding my entire Online Jump Start Program. An opportunity to really allow me to stop and evaluate myself and my grindbabes. This trip was one of the many gifts I have accept because of the circumstances of Covid.

You too, have the choice. I get it trust me.


First off you should know, that I literally disconnected and only work very very little. You will never be happy with grindbabes or your hard work until you allow yourself grace, acceptance and to love yourself where you are while working towards where you want to be.

You see chasing a goal grindbabes one thing, but being able to see the goal when you have actually accomplished that goal is another. I looked amazing. This is because you maintained the same mindset, the same perception, the same beliefs. And that my beautiful Grindbabes is where the magic really happens. We again get caught in a one directional focus that we miss the grindbabes we are making, the moments we are missing and the joy we could be having in the now. So stop focusing on the goal!

Get focused on the Now. See yourself for where you really are, today. Girrrll, Quarantine looks good on You! Grindbabes are killing their at home training and reaching goals faster than before. So what are you waiting for So I studied 80s aerobic style workouts and I created one for our class. Who knew 80s workouts were so Hard Want to is?

Come Get Physical with the Grindbabes You can still us. Are you kids in the way of your workouts????? Stop getting upset. Stop using them as an excuse not to workout. Stop seeing this as a bad thing. I get it. Your workout is your time. The time you take for yourself, to work on yourself, to stay sane. Your kids as just intrigued. They want to be like their badass mom and strong dad. They will get in the way. They will try to mimic you and get your attention.

Stop shooing them away and give them something do. Embrace the fact that you are teaching them how important it is to take care of themselves. Bring them into your world. Your workouts may not be as intense, focused or as good as you are use to them being. But before you know it, your kids will start to understand what you are doing and not want to be around you. Or even better, they will start to become your ability partners. They are your reason, not your interruptions. We all go above and beyond to help each other grow.

If you want someone to help you, encourage you, mentor you, or be part of your life Both of these women have been training thegrindbodyshop for just about 3 years now. What are you waiting for My name is Alex Garzaro, a mom of two wild boys, married to my high school sweetheart for the last 13 years.

In, September ofI decide I had enough grindbabes feeling depressed, being overweight and defeated by life. I started with waking up one day and adding a workout to my day. Then, once working out became a little easier, I focused in on my nutrition. Long story short, I went from pounds to competing in a bikini competition. Followed grindbabes completing multiple spartan race trifecta.

Followed by competing in a powerlifting competition grindbabes I deadlift over pounds.


To recently running 5 half marathons in a year. As I was working on myself and my transformation, I was helping women do the same. Here is grindbabes grindbabe was created. They are women who Grind in the gym, in business and in life. We are everyday women learning to love where we are while working towards where we want to be. This is where I share my journey, but this journey is for us all. We are in this together!! When I started to take vacation a couple of years ago, I felt so guilty, like I was letting my clients down.

This year, was the first year in 6 years that I took the holidays off. Im not going to lie, I feel grindbabes little guilty and like my clients may leave me. It necessary. Remember, you can grindbabes give what you have. So make sure you are filling yourself with what it is you need. By doing this, you will be able to truly connect with yourself, you will be able to see your life in a different light than when you are in the grind and you when you return to your grind you will be able to project even more love and gratitude for the life you get to live.

Happy Holidays! Comment below one of you favorite things to do when you go on vacation. Writing has always been a passion of mine. You just have to be willing to put in the work, be open to learning, growing and most importantly failing. You see, Fear of failure is one of the top reasons people hold themselves back from pursuing something that lights their hearts on fire.

Matter of fact, for most of us, we are perfection, So looking dumb or being wrong grindbabes feel so defeating. But I would rather be defeated and gain wisdom to be able to conquer my next try. Then to never move forward pass the start line. So move forward. Move forward with fear so that you can conquer the fear. Girl, you got this! Go after what you want most in life.


You have the tools you need already. They may not be the perfect tools for the job, but they are the perfect tools for YOU to get the job done. So own your own special gifts, see the beauty of failing and smile because your life is about to become even better then you could dream. I would love your support, encouragement and love with a simple comment grindbabes. Your comments, likes and shares help motivate me to keep pushing forward. Do I look okay?


Can you see my back fat? I have to change, you can see my cellulite.


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