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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. SubMissChievous Moderator. Staff member. Jan 9, 17 0 Canada. As the title suggest, this thread is intended for those who are new into this lifestyle or at searching for partners online although this thread can hopefully!

Click to expand Last edited: Kink slave 11, Reactions: Roland Schaferraenef and depp. Filling your profile is also not a bad idea when you want to get in contact with other users. And in this case, the first impression you are sending to a potential partner is your words.

And the problem with like in the examples above is: Why should another person reply? There is nothing in such requests that tells readers what you are really looking for. Would just any partner be fine with you? These type of generally end up with very little to no replies at all. In fact, I can almost guarantee that if the target of such a request is a female it will end up unreplied simply because there are more males than females looking for partners on sites like here.

What are your limits? Anything that you never tried but find yourself curious about? Are you looking for something regular or occasional? Strict or casual? Online or offline? If for online is a webcam and or digicam necessary? Any past experience? Yes, what submissives like is just as important.

And another point is about limits. Once again, remember that first impression is the key to make yourself stand out. Reactions: Roland Schafer. Part 2? I have already posted some tips on how to put an appealing personal. Yes, I actually had a list! What do you like? Last edited: Jul 12, Reactions: DaughterofAtlas and Roland Schafer. Jan 9, 45 kink slave 0. I'ma add my add-ons now, for I am Mr.

Do not allow this to discourage you. You'll always be able to find one or two good people through the crap, and even if a relationship doesn't work out, stay in touch. Sometimes they provide valuable insight into yourself Also, anyone who's first demand is for naked pics is probably not very serious and just want to get off once or twice, then they disappear. I hate all the bullshit, and I can't imagine how much worse it is for slaves, particularly the female variety of slave. Reactions: SubMissChievous.

May 6, 7 0. Like Chloe said first impressions count. Like Fiendish said if they just ask for naked pics first off they may not stay around. I had a couple of Doms who weren't bothered about the photos or cam they just liked me doing orders from them through out the day. I got things like I had to drink a certain drink at a certain time or them at a certain time filling them in on what I was wearing and doing etc.

I used to really enjoy these little tasks and I'm still in touch with a Dom from well over 18 months ago who I no longer sub for but he's a kink slave guy and understands I've moved on and now have Mr P We still chat from time to time and he likes to hear about how I've changed and grown as a submissive.

Kink slave

I think this is really important for Doms and submissives. This has been the most valuable thing for me and yeah some of the people I talked to where nobs but a couple are really great I actually think before you commit to being a full time submissive to someone it's a good idea to just shop around and have some fun, sort out what you like and don't and see all the different Dominating styles.

This goes for Doms too, not all subs are the same. Lets face it it's not much fun if they just say "yes Sir" or whatever, it's important their personality still comes through. One thing as well Mr P didn't even see a face shot of me for erm I think it was 4 months, it took another month or so for me to pluck up the courage to send anything more than that and it wasn't until we had met up that I got the guts to go on cam.

He didn't once ask for more or try and force me into something. He let me do it at my own pace so that I was comfortable. I think that was the most important part at the beginning, I didn't kink slave pressured or like I was just a peace of meat. If a Dom just pressures you it is a horrible feeling and also I got photos back which relaxed me and made me trust more because he was trusting me as well I think as a Dom, especially at the beginning it's important to remember that the sub is making themselves vunerable for you and not to make them feel pressured on top of that and like they are under a micro scope.

Sorry for rambling. Excellent post Chloe. Reactions: Roland Schafer and depp. Yes, breaking the ice isn? When you establish contact with a potential partner you don? As I said in the first part, yes, you will probably have to talk with many different kink slave no matter if you? And, yes, some of those people will perhaps turn out to be rude or not what they pretend to be.

And sometimes you?

Kink slave

I needed to talk with maybe different people before I knew I was talking to the right one. Taking with different people turns out to be very helpful in finding what we want, what we like, what appeals to us in the lifestyle etc. Most people are generally open to help out beginners who show a genuine interest so don? When I started to seek a Master online little did I know that not only I would finally find one but would get to make a few good friends as well. Another thing: Once you have started a new relationship with a partner it is a nice idea to complete a checklist of activites.

You know, those BDSM checklist, right? It is an interesting way to kink slave able to see common interests between two persons as well as the points where compromising may become important. Of course, the of these lists doesn? And as a relationship progresses some of these might also change.

So then you can always decide to update your list. Now the last point I want to address is that oh so hot topic: Pics! I am very aware that those are very important for some Masters in order to know who they are dealing with especially when they are seeking female slaves. And, yes, I understand that. I am very well-placed to know that there are females with cocks on the internet. Sadly, I kink slave also aware of too many situations where females did sent them only to get trouble in return because they trusted someone too quickly or felt under pressure of doing so because there are not only?

Kink slave

Guys who? So when should a slave accept to send them? The only right answer is: when they feel comfortable enough with it. How do you make someone to get comfortable? Of course, some will say that they need? Well, my answer to this is that it goes both ways.

Again, this is something that needs to be discussed between both partners.

Kink slave

If the slave isn? Then ask them why without making them feel bad. There can be many reasons why a person wants to wait. That person may also be shy or not very comfortable with how they look. And, especially in those case, the person who is asked to send pics truly need to feel at ease with you enough before sending anything.

Again this is yet another area that you may find yourself having to compromise a bit but I can tell from my own experience as well as from discussions with other people that patience kink slave do pays off when it comes to this. So there? I think I have covered everything I wanted to say. I hope that some of the points raised in that thread can help some of you who are still searching. Reactions: Roland Schaferraenef and Merlin.

Fiendish said:. Just because you're a slave doesn't mean you don't have some specific needs, and if they aren't being met, that's not good. Be respectful when bringing it up, but bring it up. All very good points. I have a strange feeling this thread will become a powerful edumacational tool for new members and old members alike. The first pics don't have to be nudes, and probably shouldn't be. After a few exchanges, then I'd say it's good to send nudes.

Do you have enough time for them? Is your time zone so different you will have to be up at 4 am to talk to them? Are you willing to do this? Will they have a way to get in contact with you if they desperately need to talk to you? If you only have an hour a week free chances are you may need to wait to start your search. I think at the beginning it? If they will hardly ever coincide with you then kink slave in honesty isn? Feb 1, 7 2 1. I want to ask something, I'm entirely new to this whole scene and would like to learn more about it.

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