Perverts on kik

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Hello,members of GA. Today,I am going to talk about things I've had happen to me on Kik. Most of you may know what Kik is. It is an app where you can text people,send images and gifs,video and group chat. You can even send stickers perverts on kik. The app is for free on the App store and the Play store depending on what type of device you are using. Pretty cool,am I right? Sounds like fun,right? Yes indeed but what makes it less fun is when sick perverts come on to ruin everything. So,let me begin the story. Sit tight,ya'll. Ahem,when I was 15 and in 9th grade,I had a Kik on my school owned iPad.

I had fun times speaking to friends from school. During that time,I did not have to worry about pervs as I mostly spoke to female friends from school on the app. However,I can no longer access that as I have not used it since freshmen year and we could not have social media on our iP by the time the new school year had begun. It wasn't until the end of July,I had gotten my first and current phone from the Cricket store. I had put my social media on my phone. At one point,I made a brand new Kik once I had installed the app on my phone. I was so excited to have a Kik once again and to talk to friends.

Perverts on kik

From there,I had friends to talk perverts on kik and I even ed a group chat. I had ed Kik for the sole purpose of making friends and nothing more. What I never expected was One evening,I had a guy PM me. I answered the PM and the guy had found me via a group chat I was in.

I figured it was from there. He asked me for my face which I sent then out of the blue,he had asked me for nudes,a slang term for a picture of a naked person. I told the guy no and at this time,I was with someone on-off for two weeks.

I blocked the guy and I told the owner of the group chat he found me from. The owner banned the guy from the chat as a result of asking me for explicit images of myself. I did not ask for that at all. It was unacceptable.

Perverts on kik

Since then,I haven't had any issues on Kik with guys up until about a month ago or so,a guy PMed me. He found me through the same group chat the other guy found me in and he and I did a Q and A thing. He asked me if I had sent nudes and of course,I answered no. It was then he sent me an image of his private part that I did not ask for. At that time,I was with my ex boyfriend whom I was with for a month.

I blocked the guy who sent the image and I told the owner about what happened. Like with the first guy,he was banned from the Perverts on kik as a consequence for sending me that image. I had felt embarrassed and I was ranting about it to my friends and my then boyfriend. I was sick to my stomach. The next day,another guy from the GC sent me a PM.

He asked me if I was in what I quote the "freaky" type. He was asking me for sexual favors as well and I told him no as I was already taken. I blocked him without a word and consulted the group chat owner,whom I see as an older brother and he banned him. He was angered that people were PMing others for sexual favors.

I was angered as well. I was disgusted that someone would ask me for such a thing especially when I was in a relationship. The next morning,I had spoken with someone on Kik who found me via another group chat in December. I asked him how he was doing and he said that he was horny. That was when I got suspicious and he had sent an image of his genitals. I had blocked him right then and there for sending me an explicit image that I did not ask for.

Of course,I ranted to my friends and my then boyfriend about what had happened on Kik. Since then,I did not have anyone sending pictures of their privates nor asking for sexual favors. I felt I had bad luck perverts on kik I had become ashamed of myself more then ever as I had been a victim of sexual harassment since the age of thirteen. Things seemed fine until one day on a Friday,I had a guy send me a private message and he came from the group chat that was owned by my pal whom I see as a big brother. He asked me if I was a boy or a girl and I said a girl and then he wanted to see a selfie of me which I shared with him.

Perverts on kik

He then asked me for nude images of myself and to that,I said no and told him that I have a boyfriend,whom is a new boyfriend for me. I was flat out embarrassed. I told my current boyfriend about what had happened. He didn't like it at all. Now,here is what happened recently as of today. I had been watching TV this afternoon and this guy who is the same age as me PMs me from that same group chat that I mention perverts on kik lot in this blog. Things were okay until he asks for sexual talk. He asked me if I was a virgin and stuff.

Things were going good until I had done something very foolish and stupid. I had put a scancode to my Kik on a tweet on Twitter. Here am I thinking that I'd get me more friends. I had checked my Kik and I had gotten like four PMs each from a guy. I had gotten suspicious considering the things I have went through.

Three answered and one hasn't answered yet. They had found me through my Twitter from that tweet and two of them were being pervy. One of whom asked if I was a virgin and I did not answer,the other guy said something dirty to me. I had told them and this one guy that I'm taken. This guy who is 28 sent me a pic of himself shirtless and then he sent me a picture of his genitals and on impulse,I blocked him along with the other two guys.

Perverts on kik

I had talked about it with my friends and the boyfriend I'm with now. I had felt repulsed by those men. I deleted the tweet with the scancode and as of now,I am only giving my Kik to Twitter followers through DMs direct messages due to what happened.

I can't trust anybody anymore. I get very uneasy. Everyone,my advice to you all is if someone asks you for sexual favors and sends racy images of themselves that you did not request,I recommend blocking them.

Perverts on kik

Never look back. If you are under the age of eighteen,please tell your parents right away. If someone is pressuring you into these things and you're underaged,don't do it. It can get you into legal trouble. Trust me when I say I value your safety. I'm 19 going on 20 in April and I hide this all from my friends and family irl. There's nothing that can really be done for me due to my age.

I mainly hide this out of guilt and shame. With online friends,I can talk about these things but with people irl,I perverts on kik down and keep it to myself. Please,everyone,stay safe on social media. Don't let these sick predators win. They prey upon the weak and the vulnerable ones and only YOU can stop the sexual predators.

Protect yourself,protect your friends,protect the ones in your community. Protect each other. I have never really had problems with perverts due to me being a guy, but I get annoyed when people do stuff like that. I just want to be able to help people. Not looking for anything in return. I just want people to be happy. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

And that is all I have to say. Likes Comments Like Read 10 more replies. I had to open up about my experiences one way or another whether it be today or tomorrow. the community. Get App. GA Mod Team 21 days ago.

Perverts on kik Perverts on kik

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