Role play vacations

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The event will be in full compliance with all state safety regulations. We will advise on safety protocol in the coming weeks based on the latest role play vacations. Our hotel has spacious in-game areas and players enjoy pristine 4-star hotel rooms. We share a live phone consultation with everyone who is interested first to answer all questions and make sure you are confident in our efforts! Grand Summit Hotel Website. Summit NJ Map. Dragon Thrones was deed to maximize exciting storytelling.

Cart 0. In My. Home Details Contact. Back Job Board. Dragon Thrones. ! An Epic Adventure Awaits! Get more information! Event Features. Enjoy a complete adventure in a fantasy world! All gaming, lodging, catered meals, customized role, costume item, and more are included in your ticket. This is a fantasy weekend escape where you are transformed into a high born hero seeking to lead your House team to victory!

We customize your weekend for your specific interests. players from a variety of backgrounds to share an epic story and make new friends for a lifetime! We are ready to talk!

Role play vacations

Schedule a Call! My fiance and I made a last-minute decision to attend, just two months before it happened. The description sounded incredible - and it was. An experience for Everyone! For the past few years Dragon Thrones has been a successful immersive medieval fantasy weekend for adults hosted at America's finest castle-like locations.

The event combines Live Action Role Play players take on an exciting role role play vacations, interactive gaming features such as role play gaming, quests, puzzles and other challenges and improvisational theater with live stage performances to create a diverse array of thrilling experiences. Need more game details? I felt safe, welcome, and involved in the story from the moment the game started until the end. Even better, I left with a whole new community and group of friends! I felt entirely immersed in the world, and loved the chance to interact with such a deep world and storyline.

Role play vacations

View fullsize. This a fantasy weekend escape where you are transformed into a high-born hero seeking to lead your House team to victory! Parking: there is free parking at the hotel.

Role play vacations

The hotel has a classic Tudor feel, features newly renovated rooms, a grand ballroom, excellent facilities, an underground pub, a nice tree-lined pool, and the historic town of Summit is nearby with many out-of-game options. What are the safety protocols for the July event? We hope everything continues to improve. As this event is 4 months away that is more time for additional improvements. We will have a thorough event protocol in place but are allowing encouraging developments to continue for a few more months before we disclose what our in-game policies will be.

Thank you role play vacations understanding! Set up a ticket call! I have role play vacations felt so at home and welcome into a community as I did at Dragon Thrones. Every person I met was a potential friend, and I hope the members of my House will remain friends long after. My husband and I work full time and have two young kids, so this event was our chance to indulge in a hobby we love.

We were not disappointed, Dragon Thrones was one of the best vacations we have ever had as a couple. The Lore. An Epic Medieval Fantasy Competition! There is miraculous magic and mystery, powerful Houses each with their own cultures and politics, as well as grand competitions, all of which provide players to influence the story with their decisions.

Read the story introduction:. Read the Lore! It is a combination of live action role-play along with a spectator aspect, board-gaming, tabletop role-play, and many other activities that somehow tied with plots of event. It was a wonderful combination of things that I was able to partake in, and something that I would look forward in the future for.

I will try to be there for sure. Lead your House to Victory! A the center of the event are the Houses You would be cast into a House based on your own interests and background. The Houses all consist of a diverse group of players, each with their own special responsibility.

Houses have unique culture, politics, and costuming that help create rich world-building. Dragon Thrones excels in bringing together players with different backgrounds so everyone can contribute in their own way. Read about the Houses:. Pick Your House! I wish I were still there.

What to learn More? Media Reviews. Player Reviews. I had the most amazing time and was supported not only by the organizers but also by the other players.

Role play vacations

I had concerns about not fitting in, about not making any friends, about being alone since I came by myself. Once I got into the role and the game, that was a non-issue.

Role play vacations

All of the story elements were intense and enthralling, the characters were fun to interact with and could switch from amusing to intense in a second. I was actually emotionally invested in every second of the game and acted like the stakes were real, the characters and their connections were real, this game was so insanely well written and in acted I could have sworn I actually teleported to Kambria and became a new person.

A fun game made by good people and full of good people all looking to role play vacations a great time in a fantasy world made of espionage, good entertainment, rad action scenes, the best wine and beer, amazing characters, and a great plotline! It was my first LARP, and everyone was so inviting and accepting of new people. I met so many people who were in the same boat I was. Everyone jumped in and immersed themselves in the world of Kambria. The staff made it so easy!

Role play vacations

With characters written up for you to give you a jumping off point, and the beautiful campus transports you directly in the realm of Kambria, there was no other choice! I just fell into character along with so many others.

Walking into an immersive land with fascinating characters, a realistic environment, and being surrounded by people committed to their roles wrapped around fascinating and challenging game playing at multiple levels exceeded all my expectations. It is for first-timers and experienced role-players and board game devotees strategy, cooperative, thematic, war, and many more. The best vacation I have had a long time!

Thanks to all the hard work from the event coordinators, GMs, and writers, Dragon Thrones exceeded my expectations. I made role play vacations many new friends, and know many of them will be lifelong! This was my first LARP experience, and I was lucky to have been placed with an incredibly enthusiastic and passionate team of people. Together, we expanded upon and strengthened our House culture, shared exciting in-game adventures, and created a wonderful team dynamic.

It was thrilling to step inside a beautiful new world, brought to life through the efforts of the Game Theater Team, writers, and players alike. I left Kambria with many new friends, great memories and a taste for Mead - I hope to return! Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks! You are all amazing!

Role play vacations

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