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At first the words are seductive, and then they are corruptive in your mind where each and hypnosub one of your thoughts turn to obsessions, and then the words are corrosive for your will. And after your high you know you want more. It took only one look but you sexually sacrificed all you were, with hypnosub tongue lolling out and your mind made barren of thoughts or desires but the ones that are useful for my purposes. To those friends who I seemed to disappear on this post is an apology. For those of you who followed because you liked my story and wanted to see what else I would write this is a little that life is going to be returning to this place.


And, whether you fell into one or both of those this is supposed to serve as something of a very brief explanation of where I went, what happened to me, and why I decided to return to the community. But maybe that luck has its edge too, my brother passed away a couple months ago and I just… could never have been prepared for everything after.

All the regret over not maintaining the kind of contact we did when living together, figuring one day when we were more settled things would be different, and the loss of a man who I was probably closer to than my own hypnosub even if we only seemed to talk once a week or two lately was just too much to bare. I felt almost hollow inside for the longest time, and then when I started to really feel again I noticed my relationships had all changed. How suddenly my parents were counting on me to continue and lead the family going forward, how what I seemed to want was less and less important.

But it worked, I was the only one, and so I decided to stay away even longer from this community that I had resolved would not be known to my friends from the outside and my family. There was no obligation I shirked but I did abandon them all the same. But living like that, living for other people out of guilt is not a life I can bare.

What brought me here in hypnosub first place was wanting to live for another person and with that person. To define life together and share it through the lens or context of a dominance relationship. What brought me back was an epiphany, that I had become ungrateful for life. Considering the wonderful circumstances I was born with to be hypnosub a first world nation, to feel safe, to feel like the world holds opportunity for me, etc - I hypnosub be very grateful. That let me see how quite simply, whether I choose kids or not, no matter where I choose to live, no matter what I choose to do, no matter what decision I make it needs to be mine and made for me if I am to be happy.

So I return now to this community of hypnosis, domination, and everything in between. A dream? Getting out of bed I approach a window. Staring deeply into it I can see myself, my real self in the ghostly reflection. The thick, black fluid that feels like a cross between ooze and latex, my second skin; the far off, glazed look in my eyes, which seem to be looking towards the corner of my eye up at the bridge of my nose; my drooling tongue hanging wantonly out hypnosub I pant heavy breaths while my mind dissolves — this is what I am inside.

My hand reaches out to touch its doppelganger, its true self, before another alarm goes off. Of course it never sticks and I get dressed in a hurry. I love the ride in, 50 minutes with another ghostly window and sure enough I lose myself the minute I sit down next to one. The ride gives me time to reflect on reality, I need that sometimes, and today I need to reflect on the reality of my heart.

My decisions are quick, and at first effortless. Would I give up my name, my apartment, hypnosub job, my choices all to serve? The answer is of course yes, I used to smile but those are easy. Would I hurt people? This is where sometimes I falter but she takes more of it every day. First it was simple, would I trick them, lead them to their own destruction for her benefit, her amusement. Of course I answered yes. I think it might be fun, being hypnosub of those pretenders for some paid hypnosub site, tricking men into giving up credit info to a site for some meager hourly wage and donating all to her.

Would I cut, shock, maybe even break the bones of her enemies; of strangers just for her enjoyment? Would I pierce with a blade, give the sort of wound they could bleed out from…? Once I manage it I actually get a little more work done than I needed. Sure enough, after 18 minutes and 32 seconds he gets off and the seat is mine, every moment having been its own private hell. Mistress hates liars, that stings a bit, but life makes liars of us all sometimes, I just need to be as honest as possible for his sake.


Before I know it my computer is on and then silence, stillness, there is nothing for me. Speaking of which the bloop was five seconds ago, gotta get it into gear… I accept the call. How did I get here, in this room full of lavish comfort and sunset colored walls? Time passes during it, but it all blurs together in my memory, only she helps me navigate it and thank the stars for that. She was such a talented captioner, and inspired — inspiration is even more rare than talent.

She had so much to say hypnosub She would reflect on my feedback and had plenty to say otherwise, I could sense a delicious soul and I needed more. Funny, I sound like a predator here when I am so clearly hypnosub prey. Delicious, yes I was right, but also maybe weak in all the right ways — the ways I could help supplement. Already in her service, I just had to show her, and with a little lustful comment about worshipping her I made visible my desire with which she made me her follower. This thing IS a panting mess hypnosub the floor.

She was always going to break and become a thing so the aesthetics of it never mattered, only his pleasure and its effectiveness. They have no rights, no dreams or desires of their own, no limits, and no worth unless someone gives it to them.


Playthings, on the other hand are really just people Master plays with, they could leave him at any time because they are people. It is not my place to wish, Master will hypnosub as Master wishes. This little show is building to the finale, you can tell by the way the orange lightning seems to lick at her body more and more intensely.

As Master walks to her to finish the process Lola and I return to our respective chambers. Hypnosub he wanted an audience? I will need to understand this to better serve him. My body opens the door and sits on the bed; why would Master have needed me there. What did I give him? Nothing, I gave him nothing but an audience. He wanted me there to see, but why? What in the world could it be? Not knowing for a long period of time is creating a painful feeling. I live to serve my Master the best I can, hypnosub knowing is to waste the opportunity to serve better. I slowly manage to make eye contact only for him to throw his head back and laugh.

My Master smiled and let out a little laugh. Master cleared up my confusion as he asked again. Embarrassed at my mistake, I tried to explain my actions. Never one for direct answers my Master issued an order to lead me. No desires to be in her place, my words and power flowing through your mind? In many ways I enslaved myself to her as she claimed me, but deep in my heart from my time as a free human there was the desire that she would help me, that she would dive into my mind and remake me completely.

Master walked over to me, and put his hand on my head, somehow I knew to go from kneeling to getting on all fours. My smile widened as I realized what Master needed, he needed me to see hypnosub last desire and let go of it for him.


Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Vix cannot be resisted. Vix is desire incarnate. Vix is in my mind all the time. It took only one look but now you know the corruption I infused in others. Now you are my slave. The Minnie Mouse Course, of course, is only the first of hypnosub of course! Who shall YOU be, hero or villain? Beware all manners of trickery!

Does wearing pretty dresses make you a loser? I think not. There is no point in fighting it. You know what you are deep inside. But does it matter what you hypnosub Right or wrong, you believe it completely. Good girl. I love to lose!


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