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It can keep things fresh, and girlfriend snapchat little playful teasing never hurt anyone, right? Well… What it comes down to is a question of boundaries. After all, comedy is when your buddy slips on a banana peel, but tragedy is when the same thing happens to you. If you ever get to that point, where your ificant other is clearly not taking your prank the right way, you have two choices. You can do the aforementioned brake pumping, beg forgiveness, and hope for the best… Or you could double down and make them see just how hilarious you were actually being.

Honestly, most people would choose that first option. Fortunately for us, most people are not Ryan Hill, whose prank on his girlfriend broke some new ground. Ryan Hill is a pretty ordinary year-old guy from Fife, Scotland. He likes to have a bit of fun, as most dudes his age do, and so when Snapchat came out with a new filter, he saw the perfect opportunity to wind up his girlfriend, Melissa, a little bit. That new filter enabled users to see a gender-swapped image of themselves.

Ryan used it to create such an image, and sent it to Melissa, cackling as he imagined her response. Suffice it to say, it was not what he expected. Young and in love, most people envy what they shared. But of course, we all have those angels and devils on our shoulders, steering us this way and that and whispering words of advice in our ears. He was one of those people, habitual line steppers if you will, who always had to push a little too far.

Harnessing technology to assist him, it was time for the prank of a lifetime. Anyway, on a basic level, Snapchat is a social network through which users can girlfriend snapchat each other photos that disappear after a set period of time. The aforementioned puppy filter is one example. Recently, however, Snapchat rolled out a new one, which allowed users to create a gender-swapped image of themselves. Quick to hop on the bandwagon, Ryan heard of the new filter and could only think of one possible use for it — pranking his girlfriend.

Girlfriend snapchat

And so, he used it to create a disturbingly realistic looking image of himself as a woman. Probably impressed with his handiwork, he sent it over to Melissa. Just as the final cherry on the top, Ryan included one short sentence that he was sure would put his prank in the hall of fame.

He would come to regret that she did. Melissa was, and this is admittedly something of an understatement, not amused. Completely beside herself, she told him in no uncertain terms what she thought. At first, he thought he would girlfriend snapchat her along for just a little while longer.

Girlfriend snapchat

Melissa was not in a joking mood, and wondered what another woman was doing wearing his shirts. She then promptly informed him that he was getting blocked. She was furious. At that point, Melissa must have made good on her threat and actually blocked Ryan. Shocked at how his prank inadvertently seemed to have ended his relationship, he contacted her again.

It turns out that she had. Speaking to British media after going public with his ordeal, Ryan explained his thought process — or, honestly, lack thereof. He had found the Snapchat filter and tried it, he recounted, and was surprised by how much it made him really look like a girl. While he appreciated the fact that so girlfriend snapchat people shared his sense of humor and had a good laugh at his prank, Melissa could not be counted among the members of that group.

The two have had an actual falling out over the whole thing. Much like Melissa, it exploded. It got in excess of 31, likes and reactions, with some 36, people commenting and 26, sharing the story of the prank gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Many even shared the of doing just that in the comments. But hey, if circus bearded ladies are your jam, go right ahead. In general, the women girlfriend snapchat on the story seemed to sympathize with Melissa to a very large degree. Another tagged her boyfriend, who thought the story was hilarious.

Her quick reply? It was because he liked his private parts in their current location, and we think he unlike Ryan got the hint. Actually, a lot of the men commenting on the post seemed to tag their girlfriends or ificant others, just to see what their reaction would be.

More often than not, that reaction was grievous bodily harm to said boyfriends.

Girlfriend snapchat

However, not all of the women who saw the post necessarily stuck up for Melissa. Her initial reaction, straight from her gut, was to freak out. Most people would probably agree that it was understandable, as the five-alarm fire bells ringing in her head likely prevented her from thinking straight. Was it on her? Or was it all his fault? Ryan merely wished girlfriend snapchat prank his own girlfriend.

Another Brit, Jake Askew of Norwich, took things to a whole other level. Sometimes, using the gender-swapping filter could have some unintended. Imagine using it, only to discover you look like your mom.

Girlfriend snapchat

For our money, by the way, we think that if she looked like any character from the Shrek universe, it was probably a better looking version of Lord Farquaad. Here we have a man, Mark Valdez, who redownloaded Snapchat strictly so he could see what his mirror universe lady version looked like. It was not a wasted effort. There can be a lot worse things out there than girlfriend snapchat resemble an Academy Award, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning actress. She apparently sent the photo of her male self to her own mom, to see whether she would recognize her own daughter, whom she gave birth to.

Rest assured, she did not. Telling her mom it was a guy she liked, Lia asked her whether she thought he was cute. Proving truly how disturbingly accurate the new Snapchat filter was, user Haley McCluskey girlfriend snapchat an actual video of the thing in action. To end on the best possible note, possibly the best entry came from a user named Seinfeld Current Day. We cannot recommend enough everything they have on theirwhich purports to imagine what it might have been like if Seinfeld was not taken off the air in and kept going to this day.

We wonder what it would be like if she was in a pool…. It has the power to bring people together from the four corners of the Earth, and to create instantaneous connections that would have been considered — and indeed were — science fiction only a couple of decades ago. For the negatives, it seems like it made us lose a small bit of our humanity. Use it wisely. Of course, just as soon as Snapchat released the new filter, people flocked to find out what they could look like as members of the opposite gender.

Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, for example, seems to have pulled it off well.

Girlfriend snapchat

Not all of the celeb transformations were involuntary, however. Snapchat has — or at least had — a pretty strong following among the rich and famous, with Kendall Jenner being a pretty prominent example. But celebs seem to be coming back, as this photo proves. The girl? Her husband Nick Jonas! What would Harry say…. People have downloaded it for the first time — or again — in droves. Just five days after the filter was first introduced, seven million people across all platforms installed it on their phones — a percent increase!

Another unintended side-effect of the new filter was certainly welcomed by many women. From being flooded with messages from interested men to receiving rude, lewd comments, these guys were finding out for the first time how 50 percent of the population lived. If nothing else, it might teach them a thing or two girlfriend snapchat being nicer in their own interactions. All those papers, deadlines, and classes - agh, how is anyone ever meant girlfriend snapchat keep up?

They say Some of the most spectacular things about colleges are that many of them have a wealth of history, When pranks go terribly, terribly wrong. The perfect relationship. Just Snap it. Winding her up. Officially over. Making it worse. Defending himself. The aftermath. Becoming a viral hit. Not exactly sensitive to her plight. Less convincing. Having her back. Was she overreacting? Thinking of the possibilities. Human Shrek. Oscar winning filter. Not even her own mother.

Girlfriend snapchat

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