Mistress looking for sub

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Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. Thank you for viewing my post. I would like to be completly honest with you. I have never been a Mistress before. I've only been a slave.

Mistress looking for sub

My master has set me free. I have had no luck in finding a master. So I want to try being a Mistress myself.

Mistress looking for sub

Is there any male sub or slave that would like to give a new Mistress a try? Do not reply on here. Please message me on second life. Being frank, unless you're an RPer or have des to find and become involved with your own local kink community at some point, there's no point to learning technique to implementing pain; poseball jumping has made masters of novices. However, having a fellowship of sisters and good sounding board for ideas and theories is always inspiring to the prowling domme within.

Aside from the lack of compatible doms available for yourself, what prompted you to try out the other side of the fence? Hello katzlovers, my names brad im 32yr ive always been a submissive and i love pleasing my mistress ,im into femdom as well and ive got lots ideas id love to share with you ,you sound like a nice person and id love to let you go wild on me ,my is bradpayne81 gmail.

That's a lot of information for you to be giving out.

Mistress looking for sub

Edit your post and remove this information. KatzLoverz also asked that interested parties contact them in-world. This is not in-world, this is a forum. She will not see your message here. Log in, learn to use Second Life, figure out how submission works in our shared world.

Then maybe see if KatzLoverz is still looking for someone to love. I so much glad you coz i'm looking for lady exactly like you. Are you in SL? I really want a mistress i need someone to control me i have never been with a woman but want to so badly. I will do anything. Im into anything dirty snd pics and i will follow all ur rules and address u properly.

Im male 21average fit, 6'1 and 60 kg. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Recommended Posts.

Mistress looking for sub

KatzLoverz 0 Posted February 7, Posted February 7, Hello there, Thank you for viewing my post. Link to post Share on other sites. JaedenDelanaire 25 Posted February 8, Posted February 8, Posted March 11, Freya Mokusei 1, Posted March 11, Posted March 16, I can be ur slave. Wiseguyny 0 Posted April 27, Posted April 27, Hello I read your postI would like to have a relationship you described. What state are you in? How old are you? My name is Tom like to chat or talk?

Posted May 2, Hi I so much glad you coz i'm looking for lady exactly like you. Posted May 21, GreatCesar01 0 Posted June 22, Posted June 22, Sylvio 0 Posted January 15, Posted January 15, Posted March 6, I am looking for a mistress I have never been a slave before. Posted May 20, Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now.

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Mistress looking for sub

email: [email protected] - phone:(778) 259-3855 x 5005

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