Sex room rentals

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Sex room rentals bed and bondage room for rent in Salinas, CA is available for a totally private experience as a couple. Monterey Stay and Play also offers accommodations for weddings, anniversaries and collaring ceremonies—we have entertained up to 20 people on our property.

Rates are based on two people. Please note: We take a Once we get that, we get you on the calendar. Secluded and private, catering to your every fetish and fantasy, Monterey Stay and Play is your destination to indulge your erotic lifestyles in a safe, comfortable way. Book Your Stay Today! A bondage room, also commonly called a sex dungeonmay conjure up visions of an underground prison with metal restraints and leather whips. The reality is often much less titillating. So what is a sex dungeon? A sex dungeon, or bondage room, is purely a place where sexual activities take place, although typically, it is a room deed specifically for bondage play.

The bedposts may be extra secure with rings to clip on handcuffs, or to tie ropes for restraints. The furniture in a sex dungeon can be specifically deed for kinky, eroticism or not.

Sex room rentals

Our room is private, discreet and comes fully furnished for bondage. Bondage rooms are a popular rental for couples of all sexual and erotic interests. The term covers a large assortment of erotic or kinky activities, from fetishes, impact games, cross-dressing, and more. Although the most stereotypical portrayal of BDSM is that of a person wearing leather and enjoying pain, there is actually an entire spectrum of different roles.

The sensual activities that you and your partner enjoy can be fun, quiet, serious, or silly, and still, fall under the BDSM umbrella.

Sex room rentals

One key foundation in BDSM is consent. Both parties involved must consent to the activities, regardless of who le. Our room not only has an assortment of high-quality BDSM furniture, but a large selection of toys to add some spice to your play. All toys and sex dungeon equipment should be used with caution. Consent between partners is essential for a healthy relationship. You will want to plan to have time to discuss new toys and possibly even practice with them before using them in sexual play. You can also bring your own toys for use in the room. BDSM Beginner? Our comprehensive guide will help you get started!

Sex room rentals

Our space is completely private and absolutely discrete, rented out to one party at a time and completely secluded from our main house. Our sex dungeon room for rent currently offers two luxurious queen-size beds, located in the formal dungeon and the upstairs living area. The upstairs area offers a sex room rentals sitting area, kitchenette no stove and an outdoor smoking deck with a grill. This area is furnished with regular furniture, as well as an assortment of furniture, including a large inescapable metal cage, leather swing, sturdy wooden cross and formal massage table.

The lower level of our facilities offers a full bathroom suite, complete with a multi-headed shower and tub, attached to the formal dungeon. The dungeon is fully-equipped with a real jail cell, bondage post, bondage bed, table, cross, hanging chain cage, stocks, spanking bench, electric winch and much more. One big concern that everyone has with bondage rooms is the cleanliness. After every rental period, we spend over 3 hours deep cleaning sex room rentals entire space and toys before the next rental using antibacterial agents.

All manner of couples can enjoy our room. You may just want a special place to indulge your kinky fantasies. Many couples are kinky without even realizing it. Kink, by definition, is simply unconventional sexual practices or a specific turn-on. Vanilla sex is the traditional idea of sex, missionary position, lights out, and no toys or other items. How then is oral or anal sex classified? What about dirty talk, or using sex toys? The line between vanilla sex and kinky sex can become blurry. BDSM is another level of kink. It can add another layer to your relationship. Any couple, regardless of sexual orientation or kink level, can truly enjoy a room as part of their relationship.

Your kinky vacation can be a sexual retreat. We take pride in offering you top-level comforts and generous aftercare options, including fine linens and down comforters, an outside claw foot soaking tub, comfortable robes and slippers, free Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee, snacks, soft drinks, and an outdoor gas grill, among others.

Sex room rentals

Staying in a bed and bondage resort will be a great way to take your relationship to the next level. We fix breakfast in the morning. You just show up and enjoy your time. Make a reservation today for your anniversary, a birthday, or just a romantic retreat. Reach us by phone at !

Sex room rentals

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